Image Relay Launches Marketing Delivery, Giving CMOs and Marketing Teams a Fully-Combined DAM and PIM Solution

Image Relay Launches Marketing Delivery, Giving CMOs and Marketing Teams a Fully-Combined DAM and PIM Solution

The Marketing Delivery platform eliminates the inefficiency, inaccuracy, and chaos of managing digital assets and product information through standalone DAM and PIM solutions

Image Relay, delivering a single source of truth for all digital assets and product information, today announced the launch of Marketing Delivery. The new cloud-based solution combines and extends digital asset management (DAM) and product information management (PIM) capabilities to enable organizations to organize, connect, manage, and distribute all digital assets and product information quickly, easily, and accurately.

“Accessing and maintaining up-to-date product information and digital assets is exponentially time-consuming, error-prone, and complex as businesses scale,” said Skye Chalmers, CEO, Image Relay. “Without a centralized and continually-updated data store as a single source of truth, siloed and stale information is spread around disparate data management tools and storage drives. Marketing teams, sales teams, and business partners all require instant and reliably accurate product information and brand assets to do their jobs. DAM and PIM deployments are incomplete solutions to this problem, which is why we built Marketing Delivery. This is a unique platform that ensures veracity across all of an organization’s digital assets and product information, and makes those files and data readily available to the internal and external teams that rely on them.”

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Marketing Delivery brings all product information and digital assets into a single solution, and enables teams to easily create and share critical information—from product catalogs to one-off reports—with only a few clicks. The platform eliminates cumbersome manual formatting efforts and unwieldy spreadsheets, allowing teams to easily set up as many product channels and export templates as they have delivery outlets. Marketing Delivery then automatically creates perfectly formatted reports that include product data mapped to the attributes required by each delivery outlet. The platform is also fully integrated with many of the most-used marketing, sales, and productivity tools.

The Marketing Delivery platform is built around two complementary components:

  • The Library is a consolidated home base for storing, organizing, and managing all digital assets. Built for unlimited users and with an intuitive folder structure, the streamlined asset storage offers visual thumbnails to see product photos, logos, ad designs, packaging files, and other files at a glance. Internal and external users—set up with secure and customizable permissions based on their requirements—can quickly search for assets with self-service access, increasing cross-organization efficiency.
  • The Products Hub unites all product information into a single source of truth. Teams coordinate and collaborate on information within the Products Hub, eliminating spreadsheets and emails. Products can be cleanly organized into custom categories, quickly located for export, and easily updated (automatically or manually) whenever there are changes to product attributes, case packs, or supporting digital assets such as manuals or spec sheets.

“We have thousands of marketing assets and all kinds of product data and imagery that need to be accessed by users every day. Continuous accuracy and availability of that information are mission-critical for us,” said Caleb Brown, the Creative Director at Kinder’s, which specializes in premium seasoning blends, sauces, and marinades. “Image Relay enables us to ensure our story is told consistently, that our partners can quickly get what they need to execute, and that our internal teams aren’t burdened by inefficient or duplicative tasks. Image Relay lets us focus on high-value growth initiatives with the confidence that our digital assets and product information are always optimized for success.”

Getting started with Marketing Delivery is easy: Image Relay provides customers with an implementation team featuring an actual dedicated Librarian (with a master’s degree in Library Science) to deliver hands-on support and training and ensure success from day one. “DAM and PIM solutions are notoriously complex to set up and operate,” said Jeff Olsen, Head of Product, Image Relay. “Marketing Delivery turns that around. The platform doesn’t just give brands a combined PIM and DAM solution that delivers immediate value, it’s also built with an intuitive UI that makes teams want to use it.”

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