IdRamp and QiqoChat Announce Verifiable Credentials for Online Collaboration

IdRamp and QiqoChat Announce Verifiable Credentials for Online Collaboration

IdRamp and QiqoChat have launched the world’s first implementation of verifiable personal identity credentials for virtual conferences and collaboration. This new form of digital identity provides QiqoChat customers with a self-sovereign privacy-focused solution protected by state-of-the-art cryptographic blockchain security. QiqoChat participants can now have full control over their digital identity but what are the other benefits?

Verifiable credentials allow people to bring their own identity to any online service. User experience is improved by eliminating usernames and passwords. Privacy is increased by removing any need to share personal data with 3rd party services like Google or Facebook. Security is fortified by not storing personal data in central databases. All personal data remains on the user device. Cost and liability are reduced by removing the need for monolithic identity infrastructure. Performance is increased by removing the need to move all user authorization traffic through one centralized location.

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“Qiqochat is leading the way in adoption of verifiable credentials. It is an innovative collaboration platform focused on emulating in person experiences online. Personal credentials share that goal by making your digital identity verifiable and private. Just like your driver’s license or birth certificate. Verifiable credentials are a perfect compliment to QiqoChat or any online service. IdRamp allows service providers to adopt verifiable credentials quickly without the need to re-platform or develop code. IdRamp is built on open standards for verifiable credentials and is compatible with all other standards-based providers. Deploying verifiable credentials to QiqoChat required only a few hours of configuration and testing but the impact is profound,” said Mike Vesey, CEO of IdRamp.

“The community of professionals working on data privacy & consumer protection has been an early adopter of QiqoChat. During regional and global conferences, they have used the platform to share ideas and deliberate about the future of user-centric identity. Through these conferences, we’ve learned how solutions like IdRamp can be tremendously empowering for Internet users. We are thrilled to implement this initial partnership with IdRamp so that we can begin to explore what becomes possible when we let users take control of their own identity on our platform.” – Lucas Cioffi, CEO of QiqoChat