Ideoclick Launches Share of Search to Help Sellers Capitalize on Amazon’s Infinite Aisle

Ideoclick Launches Share of Search to Help Sellers Capitalize on Amazon's Infinite Aisle

First-of-its-kind solution allows brands to assess category size, opportunities, and threats on Amazon

Ideoclick, Inc., the provider of the industry’s leading e-commerce optimization platform, today launched Share of Search™, a new solution that helps consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands target how a consumer actually shops on Amazon. Because assortment is unlimited in an online environment, brands must shift their strategies beyond a traditional category market share paradigm.  Ideoclick’s Share of Search™ helps them achieve this through one-of-a-kind Amazon search share analytics and competitive benchmarking. This powerful tool and dynamic reporting enable advanced search-based strategies that allow manufacturers to win in today’s crowded and fast-growing e-commerce space.

Ideoclick’s Share of Search is used to identify the search-based category on Amazon and benchmark the client’s competitive position. The tool provides insight into who is winning the top paid and organic ad placements and helps identify critical, must-win Amazon keywords as well as competitive gaps relative to pricing, assortment, reviews, and more. Tracking Share of Search data also helps brands understand how Amazon rankings change over time as well as their top Amazon competitors.

“Ideoclick Share of Search is an exciting methodology that enables brands to understand their customers on a much deeper level.  The way shoppers search, evaluate, and purchase products online is very different than a traditional shopping experience with defined aisles or physical sections,” said Justin Leigh, co-founder and CEO of Ideoclick.  “Every keyword generates thousands of search results, so brands are not competing for sales against traditional competitors.  They are competing to win all the search terms that are relevant to their business and that’s what our new solution measures.”

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Share of Search starts with Customer Search Groups™
Customer Search Groups (CSGs) are a breakthrough way to identify and measure “categories” on Amazon. They are related, high-traffic keywords relevant to specific products. CSGs can be used to help brands understand the search term strategies needed to identify shopper profiles within their potential customers and dominate a product category. Ideoclick Share of Search reporting shows which brands are winning the top placements for their CSGs, in other words their “share” of the digital shelf. This allows them to:

  • Understand customer needs and search behavior while building shopper profiles
  • Bring a familiar language to marketing on Amazon that can be used in other channels
  • Target winnable keywords, develop relevance, and measure progress

“We are in the highly dynamic category of zero and low calorie sweetener and baking sugar alternatives. Historically we had emphasized branded terms for our Amazon advertising campaigns. While they were effective, we felt like we were missing opportunities to capture category shoppers and new to brand purchasers. Ideoclick proposed that we test their new Share of Search solution to drive visibility for one of our key products. Click Share data, a metric directly from Amazon reporting, tracks the top three positions for a search term or phrase. Before Share of Search, we owned only two search terms in the top three positions. Within three months we owned 11 top three search terms, a five-fold increase. Not only did Ideoclick achieve the goal of increasing brand visibility, the success of the program contributed to a doubling of sales. Ideoclick’s robust technology infrastructure and advanced reporting capabilities coupled with the best in class marketers have been the cornerstone of our success in e-commerce!” – Abby Abbott, director of e-commerce, North America, Whole Earth Brands.