Icertis, the leading provider of enterprise contract management in the cloud, announced a new Expanded Support program for Icertis Contract Management (ICM) platform customers designed to supplement their internal resources as they respond to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. As normal business operations are impacted worldwide, Icertis is offering rapid 24/7 assistance free-of-charge to help companies maintain business continuity, mitigate disrupted supply chains, and address other key commercial impacts by supporting ICM end-users who are tackling these critical issues.

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In response to the pandemic, enterprises are looking to their contracts, which govern every dollar coming into and going out of a company, to understand and address the implications of the current crisis. ICM users responsible for surfacing insights and taking action need to be able to quickly complete these important tasks without delays or lost productivity. Typically, they would rely on their internal ICM champions as front-line support to provide guidance or address blocking issues.

Icertis’ Expanded Support program offers direct, free end-user support, globally, 24/7 in case internal champions are unavailable due to illness, family medical leave or workplace disruption. Icertis customers are using this new offering to supplement existing internal support programs.

“Icertis’ commitment to supporting us in this situation is an indication of our great partnership,” said Frank Marty, Global Head of Contract Lifecycle Risk Management, Cognizant. “Knowing that we have all our customer-facing contracts in one place and then being able to dynamically search those contracts for keywords and phrases has helped us to understand the scale of the issue, make informed decisions and ultimately help us to focus our mitigation efforts much more effectively.”

The Icertis Expanded Support program is designed to answer questions and unblock routine challenges to enable contract professionals at organizations experiencing workplace disruption to maintain normal contracting operations. Users that cannot reach their primary internal support contact can engage Icertis Support Professionals anytime from anywhere in the world and get a response within an hour. As necessary, ICM experts will be available to offer assistance through video and teleconferencing, enabling users to work through their issues in real-time.

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“Contracts are the foundation of commerce and, during a crisis like the COVID-19 outbreak, it is critical that companies can quickly access, analyze and act upon these core business assets,” said Neal Singh, COO, Icertis. “We remain committed to supporting and working effectively with our customers to solve the hardest contract management challenges and recognize that current circumstances require creative solutions. We are pleased to announce this increased support so that our customers can continue to operate efficiently and mitigate any risks involved with the COVID-19 crisis.”