IBM, Amazon, Deloitte, DXC, and Accenture Partnering with UneeQ to Drive the Future of Conversational AI Adoption

IBM_ Amazon_ Deloitte_ DXC_ and Accenture Partnering with UneeQ to Drive the Future of Conversational AI Adoption

VNM USA and UneeQ foresee the next decade of customer experience being largely defined by the implementation of conversational AI within digital humans.

  • Gartner predicts by 2022, 70% of white-collar workers will interact with conversational AI platforms (chatbots, voice assistants, and digital humans) on a daily basis

As the conversational AI market accelerates – driven in part by today’s contactless experiences – organizations need guidance on how the emerging tech can create superior customer experiences.

The answer lies in digital humans. Digital humans are AI-powered virtual beings that interact using verbal and nonverbal cues, recreating natural human interaction at a much greater scale. Today, they exist in both the physical world within retail stores, as well as online where they serve infinite customers simultaneously.

To help customers create digital human experiences, companies including IBM, Deloitte, and DXC are partnering with UneeQ to help customers along their AI journeys. They are the first of many to join UneeQ’s Partner Program, which is a community of technologists, creative minds, and business professionals who are devoted to building great customer experiences.

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“Our vision is to become the global standard for digital humans, enabling the best creative minds to design and build amazing experiences that improve human life. Today, we’ve taken another step towards achieving this goal by launching our new partner program. This ecosystem will play a pivotal role to ensure customers can successfully deploy conversational experiences that will redefine brand experience and create emotional connection with their users.” – Danny Tomsett, CEO and Founder of UneeQ.

The program consists of referral, technology, consulting, as well as strategic partnerships with our handpicked global alliances. The program enables companies of all professions, including NLP, NLG, chatbot, web design, and consultants, to service the broader digital human customer community and drive incremental revenue.

Precipitating the exponential growth of digital humans is the newly released UneeQ Creator. UneeQ Creator enables anyone to design, develop, and deploy their own customized, AI-powered digital human in a matter of minutes. Since launching the UneeQ Creator platform in mid-July 2020, UneeQ has enabled the creation of more than 700 digital humans and facilitated 2,000+ conversations. The UneeQ Creator is free to trial and offers upgraded features starting at $899 per month.