ibex, CX-as-a-service, announces AI-Driven Wave iX Solutions Suite


ibex, a leading global provider of business process outsourcing (BPO) and customer engagement technology solutions, today introduced Wave iX, the definitive AI-driven digital-first customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) solution suite. Wave iX seamlessly integrates innovative AI-powered solutions with ibex’s cutting-edge CX platform to facilitate advanced, hyper-personalized, and intelligent interactions that cultivate stronger connections between brands and their customers.

“Wave iX brings genuine digital transformation and advanced customer-facing self-service options to businesses of all sizes that address every stage of their journey,” said Eric Guarro, SVP of Digital Transformation at ibex. “At ibex, we adopt a solutions-driven strategy to align with our clients and their customers at various points in their digital transformation journey, providing tailored AI-enhanced CX solutions that deliver transformative outcomes. Coupled with our acclaimed launch and implementation proficiency and business insights, Wave iX has the potential to redefine your CX and enhance the profitability of your customer and brand interactions.”

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ibex’s Wave iX solution suite harnesses generative AI (GenAI) to augment humans, insights, and actions across the end-to-end CX value chain. Supported by automation tools for self-service, Wave iX enables CX organizations to become more productive, cost-effective, and customer centric.

“Our mission at ibex is clear: to elevate customer experiences, drive performance excellence, and reduce the overall cost to serve,” said Bob Dechant, CEO of ibex. “Wave iX delivers user-friendly, tailored solutions that empower companies to digitally transform their CX to do more with less while swiftly adapting to changing market trends. Wave iX is more than just an AI-powered platform—it’s a commitment to redefining customer experiences and setting new industry standards. As a forward-thinking organization, we are constantly assessing, training, and refining our models, and we will continue to push the boundaries to enhance our capabilities.”

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