Ian Baer Reveals Sooth’s Brand Strategy Mastery to Executive Network of Kestrel Consulting

Ian Baer Reveals Sooth's Brand Strategy Mastery to Executive Network of Kestrel Consulting

Sooth, an industry-leading strategic marketing insights platform and consultancy, is excited to announce a dynamic partnership with Kestrel Consulting. This collaboration brings Sooth’s founder, Ian Baer, and his innovative methodologies and expertise into Kestrel’s broad network, promising to enrich Kestrel’s client marketing and branding initiatives with fresh perspectives and deeper understanding.

Recognized for its patent-pending method that fuses data, AI, and human intellect, Sooth deciphers the intricacies of human decision-making, mapping emotional drivers and receptivity of diverse consumer and business audiences. Now part of Kestrel’s network, Sooth’s unique, sophisticated approach will bolster client marketing initiatives, offering a powerful toolset to unlock new avenues for connection, empathy, and understanding that is proven to increase customer lifetime value by four times or more.

As Kestrel’s preferred provider of brand strategic services, Sooth will also accelerate its own growth by working on branding and marketing projects for clients and partners within the Kestrel network.

“Kestrel Consultants helps leadership teams, founders, entrepreneurs, and enterprises fly higher and achieve strategic outcomes through its exclusive partnership network of fractional executives and boutique business consultants,” the company said in a statement. “We’re proud to welcome Sooth into our exclusive partnership and referral network. We’ve admired Ian Baer’s work for years, and his exceptional talent is a real complement to our network’s other areas of expertise. We’re excited to collaborate on new projects together.”

This partnership represents a convergence of Sooth’s methodologies and Kestrel’s expansive network. By bringing together Sooth’s unparalleled insights and Kestrel’s team of skilled executives and consultants, they aim to empower Kestrel’s clientele with deeper understanding and fresh perspectives, enabling them to achieve their marketing goals.

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“Changes in consumer and business culture over the past several years have irrevocably changed how marketing works at an elemental level,” said Ian Baer, Founder and Chief Soothsayer at Sooth. “With 90 percent of all decisions now determined by each person’s unique emotional priorities, we’re able to roadmap success for brands by unlocking an in-depth understanding of the factors that create connection between these brands and the customers they serve. Kestrel’s model brings together complementary innovators to help companies elevate their game across a broad spectrum of business and marketing interdependencies. I could not be more excited to align with the talented leaders of Kestrel Consultants to bring clients high-impact business solutions at the speed and efficiency of modern commerce.”

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