Amidst a 98% rise in remote B2B sales and sales teams working from home, Hunterz for Teamz enables Startups to collaborate virtually and Go To Market like tech giants, the world’s largest, most connected, freelance sales force, announced today the release of “Hunterz for Teamz”, their Enterprise-level solution for on-demand B2B sales introductions. Hunterz for Teamz gives the sales manager remote access and perfect visibility into the sales process, while enabling each team member to work on their individual opportunities autonomously. Managers are able to assign different introduction opportunities to their teams and follow the progress of every potential customer meeting.

Hunterz for Teamz will be available to all Startups that purchase at least a 3-Intro Package, starting at $3,750. Given the technical requirements to build its robust infrastructure, Hunterz for Teamz is a major milestone for

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Few series-seed funded companies undertake an Enterprise solution, but many of’s Startup customers had requested a solution that serves multiple teams at once, so that their entire sales team could participate on the platform. “Our mission is to help Enterprise Startups succeed and grow quickly, no matter how global and distributed they are. Providing sales leaders real time visibility into their team’s sales processes was key for us when we designed Teamz. We’re excited to see how our customers use it to accelerate their Go-To-Market even faster than before,” explained Co-founder and CEO Noam Weisman 

With B2B sales almost exclusively being conducted virtually during the pandemic, demand for’s warm introductions has skyrocketed. “Large Enterprises are even more selective about who they’ll meet with during Covid and these uncertain economic times”,  said Co-founder and CRO Yuval Shalev. “Our model accelerates our Startups to the front of the line and arranges a live meeting with a relevant decision-maker who has already indicated their interest in meeting.”