Hodusoft’s Latest Artificial Intelligence Powered Contact Center Software Transforms Ecommerce

Hodusoft's Latest Artificial Intelligence Powered Contact Center

Hodusoft’s latest AI powered contact center software is all set to transform ecommerce operations and help them to deliver superior customer experiences.

Hodusoft, a unit of global VoIP tech leaders Ecosmob, announced launch of artificial intelligence powered contact center software for ecommerce industry.

Speaking on the occasion the company’s VP said, “Most call center software feature programmed automatic call distributors and skill mapping with limited configurability. Hodusoft’s AI powered contact center software transcends such limits and gets smarter over time as the ML algorithm keeps learning. The system keeps evaluating agents based on their performance and assigns calls according to skills and availability.”

This, however, is just one aspect of the smart contact center software from Hodusoft. Even better is the social media integration. One single dashboard lets agents see what is going on in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp in addition to keeping tabs on chat, email, fax, SMS and phone. Most call center solutions these days include social media but where Hodusoft differs is in smarter integration of artificial intelligence with configurable settings such as flagging specific words to create an alert or according to nature of the post such as complaint, product inquiry and so on. You get on-screen alerts and agents can respond quickly.

Hodusoft also offers the option of inclusion of conversational AI powered chatbots with natural language processing capability. From the customer perspective, it is better than IVR for self service and lets them get more. The bot connects to a live agent at a certain point in the conversation. From the agent’s perspective, it greatly reduces time and effort because the bot has already shifted gears. Apart from this you can derive sentiment analysis and intelligent analytics of interactions that can serve to improve agent’s skill. When an agent connects, he can view caller’s details on the screen, fetched from the CRM and, further, details of the product relevant to the call.

This is a little bit about how intelligence in contact center software can help ecommerce handle its customers better with smarter, faster responses.

HoduCC, the company’s contact center software is just as suited for outbound campaigns. The normal is for campaign managers to select lists from the CRM and assign lists to the IVR to conduct outbound calls. Hodusoft’s intelligent outbound dialler does more. It can decide about the time to call based on zone time or any other input you provide. IT recognizes country and adopts language. It can capture the call interaction and even analyze sentiment of the callee, letting marketers prioritize such leads as show positive interest. Here too, instead of the normal IVR prompts you offer customers conversational bots to interact with.

Customer experience matters a lot, especially in ecommerce where customers are known to be prepared to pay more and stay loyal if they receive superior services. Hodusoft CC helps ecommerce operators achieve excellent results, keep improving services and attract even more customers.  Its intelligent analytics is also responsible for showing supervisors in real time the performance of agents and analysis of historical data to derive actionable insights. “Believe me, Hodusoft’s contact center software can help ecommerce operators discover customer expectations, address gaps and refine bouquet of services for all round growth.”

Lastly, the video conferencing and chat facility not only helps build warm personal connects with customers but also serves as a perfect collaboration and in-house training tool.

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