HiStone introduces new ERA HK960 POS device to revolutionize retail and hospitality markets

hospitality markets

The ERA HK960, its next-generation POS model, is designed to dramatically improve customer satisfaction by empowering businesses with more flexible, efficient, and secure POS services. The HK960’s enhanced functionality along with cutting-edge design is geared towards meeting employee and customer expectations while promoting better user and shopping experiences. The flagship HK960 POS is designed to achieve the ultimate goal of retail and hospitality businesses — to avoid long hours of operation, making customer service faster than ever before.

“Customers evolve because they need more secure and personalized services that generate more value for their shopping experiences,” said Roberto Campos-Granados , director of business development at HiStone. “This new paradigm encourages us to deliver the most efficient, market-ready POS solutions that drive business growth and deliver customer satisfaction.”

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  • Ultra-thin bezel combined with high gloss

The ultra-thin bezel measuring just 1.1 cm gives the display an elegant and current look, right from this era.

The edges of the template are only 1 cm and 1.5 cm. That’s why the screen ratio is 82% — HiStone gives your team the highest possible field of view.

Technological upgrade is more comfortable for the eyes.

  • Top-notch performance features in a small, stylish box

The model has the Intel Tiger Lake UP3, Intel’s 11th generation CPU. The i3-1115G4E with a clock frequency of 2.2 GHz to 3.9 GHz is powerful enough to be much more efficient for long-term day-to-day operations. The HK960 has one of the highest turbo speeds (up to 4.2 GHz).

In addition, the innovative technology model receives enhanced DDR characteristics: clock frequency of 3200 MHz and bandwidth of 31 Gb/s. Response speed is among the main features of POS machines – a few seconds are entirely enough to open the application, display the pages and complete the task.

  • Ultra-safe use

HiStone understands the importance of the highest and most stringent security; That’s why the flagship model uses a dual LAN port connection. HiStone equipped its state-of-the-art POS machine with a mean time between failures of 50,000 hours. And that sounds like a pretty impressive thing.

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