Hightower Rolls Out ‘Engage,’ a Customized Digital Marketing Program for Advisors, Powered by Snappy Kraken

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Hightower Rolls Out 'Engage_' a Customized Digital Marketing Program for Advisors

Hightower, a national wealth management firm with advisory businesses in 34 states, announced the launch of its new “Engage” marketing platform in partnership with MarTech firm Snappy Kraken. Designed to help Hightower advisors maximize their reach, enhance client engagement and jumpstart growth, the Engage platform provides advisors with the opportunity to leverage custom content for client communication, digital marketing, and lead generation, allowing busy advisors to focus on what they do best – serving their clients.

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“Marketing communications is one area that many advisors struggle with, as they often lack the time, staff, and expertise to handle the heavy workload associated with deploying effective campaigns,” said Abby Salameh, CMO at Hightower. “Given the events of the last six weeks, advisors are under more pressure than ever to engage in meaningful communication with clients. Our new platform enables Hightower advisors to have these personal conversations while at the same time deploying targeted lead-generation campaigns to acquire new clients and move their practices forward.”

Hightower advisors who use Engage will gain access to a curated suite of original, customizable marketing campaigns produced in collaboration with Snappy Kraken’s creative team, including blog posts, email newsletters, video content, social posts, guidebooks and infographics segmented by audience personas, with accompanying analytics to measure engagement. The content will enable Hightower advisors to differentiate themselves from their competitors without having to devote the time and expense needed to build marketing thought leadership campaigns from scratch. This solution is available to all Hightower advisors at no cost.

Engage will give Hightower advisors, with their already industry-leading organic growth rate, the ability to simultaneously attract new leads, motivate existing prospects, nurture clients, boost referrals and automate operational workflows, providing scalable monthly campaigns designed to motivate the following six core audiences:

  • Retired clients
  • Accumulation clients
  • Next-gen clients
  • Business-owner clients
  • Ultra-high net worth clients
  • Prospective clients

Hightower advisors can use and configure Engage as they see fit, or, rely on Hightower’s Marketing team to centrally execute cross-channel campaigns for them.

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“Our wealth management team was looking for a way to more regularly and impactfully touch our clients and prospects through insightful, interesting, and relevant content,” said Jeff Leventhal, Managing Director, and Partner at Hightower Bethesda. “The Engage platform gives us the freedom to experiment with marketing and communications tactics that, in the past, would have taken valuable time away from our core business objective, which is, of course, working with our clients.”

Engage also makes it easy for Hightower’s collaborative community of advisors to share best-practice materials such as client letters, blog posts, and articles with one another via a robust content library that is accessible to every Hightower advisor. The platform’s intuitive, user-friendly interface offers smooth, painless integration with Clear, Hightower’s advisor platform, and Salesforce.