Hi Marley Elevates the Customer Experience

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Hi Marley, the insurance industry’s leading intelligent texting platform, continues to revolutionize the customer experience with the debut of enhanced features just in time for peak hurricane and wildfire season. When disaster strikes, texting can now be where the insurance claim conversation starts. Now, customers can get ahead of disaster with proactive notifications, submit a claim by texting responses to key FNOL questions, get back on their feet faster by having ecosystem partners in the same conversation at the same time, and do it all in their native language with AutoTranslate. Hi, Marley combines intelligent messaging with a human touch to simply and easily connect people with their insurance company. With several new product features, Hi Marley is amplifying that interaction to a whole new level of great customer experience.

John Miller, CTO at Hi Marley shares, “The vision from the start was to push the boundaries of insurance technology to provide a simple, modern communication platform for insurance. It is exciting to see this become reality with many of the new features being the direct result of collaboration and ideation with our customers. Our users are proving that with the right technology they can deliver an optimal customer experience without compromising quality and efficiency.”

Hi, Marley has developed game-changing new features that not only advance the customer experience but simultaneously put powerful, new tools in the hands of carrier representatives, transforming how they can help their insureds:

  • Proactive Notification: This key capability allows carriers to be proactive with weather events and other threats to their customers by providing real-time updates that inform, protect, and prepare insureds.
  • Automated First Notification of Loss (FNOL): When a catastrophe like a hurricane strikes, the insurance industry can struggle to keep up with the in-flow of claims. With Automated FNOL, insureds can report their claim via text, giving claims handlers all of the key information they need to open the claim and start helping people get back on their feet. With Hi Marley’s flexible APIs, Automated FNOL can directly upload all the necessary data and responses into the carrier’s core system, minimizing excess work.
  • Ecosystem: Hi Marley is pioneering the ability to add 3rd party service partners into the insured’s text conversation. Insurance representatives can add in key providers to communicate on status, payments and further details, giving customers a single source of truth rather than a disjointed approach across a variety of communication outlets.
  • AutoTranslate: In a recent Census Bureau data report, nearly 70 million Americans speak a language other than English at home. The AutoTranslate feature allows for real-time translation on both ends of the conversation, letting each party communicate in their preferred language. This saves carriers money, time, and resources while allowing customers to be served in their native language.

Mike Greene, CEO of Hi Marley says, “We’re fortunate to work alongside our knowledgeable partners to create a communication platform built specifically for insurance carriers to deliver smarter tools, better business outcomes, and happier customers. Hi, Marley is really just getting started; these latest features are only a few of the incredible capabilities our team has in the pipeline. We are continually inspired to deliver innovative solutions to our carriers because of their deep commitment to providing a better experience for their customers during life’s journey.”