Helpwise Launches Anxiety-Free Team Inbox for Customer Support Teams Working Remotely

Helpwise Launches Anxiety-Free Team Inbox for Customer Support Teams Working Remotely

Over 92% of customer support reps report high blood pressure, anxiety and stress-related disorder. Helpwise has launched Zenbox to help customer reps get through customer tickets with higher focus and lower stress and anxiety.

Helpwise is a shared team inbox software for customer support teams. It allows customer support reps to handle customer queries across multiple channels like email, SMS, WhatsApp, live chat, Twitter, and Facebook from a single platform. As most of the businesses adopted work from home during these COVID times, Helpwise witnessed over 267% growth in new users.

During customer interviews and surveys, Helpwise found that over 92% of customer support reps reported high blood pressure, anxiety, and stress-related disorder.

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“Whenever a customer support rep starts her day, the rush of stress and anxiety goes through the brain and body. Questions like – how many pending queries are there, what about previous day queries, in how many places am I tagged, how to prioritize my work and where to start from, how to focus – start making rounds in her brain. This is the main reason for all this anxiety,” said Prabhat Mishra, Product Manager at Helpwise.

He further added that this is becoming very common these days because current customer support tools are not designed to address this. Rather, they are playing a major role in aggravating the whole situation. Hence, it requires an entirely new approach to how we handle and show pending work to a customer rep starting her day.

To make customer support reps’ job stress-free, the product and engineering team at Helpwise decided to change their approach towards how customer queries were handled.

After months of experimentation and getting feedback from thousands of customer support reps, Helpwise today launched an anxiety-free shared inbox called Zenbox

Zenbox gives a tinderesque approach to how pending customer queries are presented and handled by a customer support rep. It is a minimalist inbox that brings forward all the open conversations in front of you with only enough information required to help you focus and get done by tasks at hand.

“Support rep doesn’t have to switch between different support channels because Zenbox works as a unified inbox as well. With a clear indication of work progress, one conversation at a time, remind later, etc options make Zenbox an anxiety-free team inbox for support teams,” said Gaurav Sharma, CEO, Helpwise.