Helium 10 Redefines All-in-One Amazon Software With Four New Tools for Amazon Sellers

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Helium 10 Redefines All-in-One Amazon Software With Four New Tools for Amazon Sellers

Helium 10, the leading all-in-one software company for third-party Amazon sellers, has released four game-changing tools for its members: Portals, Market Tracker, ADS, and a powerful Mobile App.

“We pride ourselves on being able to deliver every tool that our customers need to succeed on Amazon,” according to Director of Training and Customer Success, Bradley Sutton. “Developing and launching these have allowed us to redefine yet again what it means to be all-in-one.”

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Portals (Beta)

With Portals, Helium 10 users can easily create beautiful custom Amazon product landing pages with pre-built templates. These conversion-optimized pages are able to generate traffic from virtually any source, allowing users to deliver coupon codes to visitors while integrating seamlessly with Facebook, Zapier, Google Analytics, and email. Portals are available to Helium 10 Elite members.

Market Tracker

Market Tracker allows Helium 10 users the ability to track markets for existing and potential competitors, uncovering in-depth insights and relevant data. With this, Amazon sellers can assess the health of various markets and how they change over time through one simple dashboard. Users will be able to analyze market share, new entrants, reviews, competitor data, sales, pricing, BSR, revenue, and more.

Market Tracker is available to all Free, Platinum, Diamond, and Elite Helium 10 members. Free members will have access to one market, Platinum members will have access to three markets. Diamond and Elite members will have access to 10 and 15 markets, respectively.

ADS (Beta)

With ADS, Helium 10 users are able to run PPC campaigns with smart suggestions, simplified campaign management, and clear metrics. Instant changes to PPC campaigns can be made instantly via Helium 10’s Analytics and Ad Manager dashboards. ADS is now available to all Helium 10 Elite members and will be rolled out to the full user base throughout 2020.

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Mobile App

Helium 10’s game-changing mobile app delivers the same analytics and notifications that Helium 10 users are used to, all via their mobile device. From the app, users will be able to monitor their business at any time, receive data on profits, get push notifications for important account updates or suspicious activity, forecast sales, and adjust their Amazon selling strategy on-the-go. The app is free to all Free, Platinum, Diamond, and Elite Helium 10 users with Apple or Android devices.