Harmon Brothers’ Hilarious “Mortgage Genie” Campaign Heralds the Tech-Driven Home Buying Revolution

Harmon Brothers' Hilarious Mortgage Genie Campaign Heralds the Tech-Driven Home Buying Revolution

Harmon Brothers, the Provo-based social media ad agency behind the greatest viral ad in internet history, has earned national headlines and over 1.5 billion views for its social blockbuster ads such as Squatty Potty, Lumē, Chatbooks, Purple, among other hits.

Today, the renowned social ad makers are announcing a new campaign called “Mortgage Genie” for Consumer Direct Mortgagea mortgage company using new technology, and a new approach, to make home buying simple and fun. The ad campaign is the highlight of a rebranding initiative as the company changes their name from Consumer Direct Mortgage to Real Genius.

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“As a record number of Americans adapted to the new trend of remote work arrangements during the pandemic—and were able to relocate—many quickly found that the mortgage lending process was anything but new or updated,” said Daniel Harmon, Chief Creative Officer at Harmon Brothers. “That’s why we were excited to partner with Real Genius, a team of experienced professionals who don’t just offer amazing rates, they offer an incredible experience that you won’t find anywhere else. Our own team members who have recently moved or refinanced found that they actually enjoyed what’s typically seen as a stressful, time-consuming, and arduous process. And that’s the kind of ‘different’ we love to illustrate in our advertising.”

The ad campaign features a genie highlighting how the magic of Real Genius’ innovative technology and new approach to mortgage lending makes home buying simple and fun.

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