GSM, An Automotive Marketing Company Releases Digital Marketing powered by AMP

GSM, AMP,Digital Marketing, Automotive Marketing Company
GSM, an automotive marketing company, recently released upgrades to its Digital Marketing services, now powered by its proprietary AMP platform. Using AMP, GSM Digital Marketing delivers a customer-centric view, real-time personalization, and a seamless omnichannel experience across every device and channel.

This is critical in the age of the connected consumer where the average individual has 3.2 internet-connected devices1, and American adults dedicate over 11 hours per day to screen time2. GSM’s Digital Marketing integrates all of a dealership’s digital channels, gathers and centralizes data, and examines consumer behavior across the devices and channels an individual consumes.

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President, Shelley Washburn states:

“GSM’s Digital Marketing combines the science of Artificial Intelligence and the artful skill of our certified digital experts to provide best-in-class digital advertising and marketing services. From on-demand performance reports to seeing each consumer’s path to purchase, our customers get actionable insights and a complete picture of the customer experience whether for one rooftop or hundreds.”

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GSM’s Digital Marketing includes Artificial Intelligence (AI) for an automated, round-the-clock campaign and budget optimization, custom campaigns using data and predictive analytics, and advanced targeting technology. The platform’s connected channels give insights into which channels are generating the most leads as consumers move across devices, the path to conversion, and optimizes budget distribution to secure higher conversion rates.

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Customers can market to consumers by device, channel, location, context, and audience modeling. GSM Digital Marketing enhances the consumer experience by connecting Display, Native ads, Video, CTV/OTT, Facebook, Instagram, Search, and Retargeting.

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