GrowthLoop Partners with Google Cloud to Drive Marketing with Generative AI and Data Cloud

GrowthLoop Partners with Google Cloud to Drive Marketing with Generative AI and Data Cloud

GrowthLoop and Google Cloud today announced an expanded partnership to transform marketing through advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). The partnership leverages Google Cloud’s BigQuery and generative AI capabilities to transform the way businesses segment, activate, personalize, and measure their marketing.

The partnership has delivered four ground-breaking innovations, designed to accelerate time-to-value and maximize ROI for marketers, allowing them to launch campaigns at the speed of ideas:

GrowthLoop Easy Button: Start building audiences and customer journeys on BigQuery in minutes:
Easy Button enables businesses who aren’t using BigQuery yet to automatically ingest and model customer data to begin crafting audiences and highly personalized customer journeys in less than 24 hours.

GrowthLoop Marve: Generative AI Audiences with Codey and PaLM foundation models from Vertex AI:
Data-driven companies have a “goldmine” of customer data, but most marketers aren’t able to find or use that data for segmentation or journey orchestration. With Marve, for the first time, those marketers leverage the power of Generative AI to describe the audience they’d like to target (in natural language) to build it on BigQuery and use it in their marketing channels. The partnership will expand Marve’s capabilities by leveraging the Codey and PaLM foundation models from Google’s Vertex AI, further democratizing Generative AI capabilities to business users.

GrowthLoop Maestro: Audience and Customer Journey Orchestration on BigQuery:
Maestro, in concert with BigQuery, enables marketers to seamlessly create unified customer audiences and orchestrate sophisticated customer journeys across channels based on rich analytics insights. The aim is to offer businesses a more effortless way to comprehend and utilize their unified customer data (sometimes called a Customer 360) to create highly personalized customer experiences. As GrowthLoop is built directly on BigQuery this means you don’t need to copy your data out to take advantage of GrowthLoop capabilities, BigQuery’s best in class security and scalability is guaranteed by default.

Generative AI Personalized Content for Marketing and Sales with row-level foundation model predictions directly from BigQuery:
Marketers can leverage their first party customer data to create bespoke emails, sales call scripts, and inferred attributes for individual customers using PaLM directly from BigQuery. This brings the best of Google’s Generative AI to customer data to deliver higher business impact at the point of communication. GrowthLoop enables this capability via Personalization Fields, a feature native to GrowthLoop’s platform.

Marketers across industries will use GrowthLoop’s Personalization Fields and Google’s Generative AI solutions to power impactful use cases such as:

  • A media and entertainment venue can enrich its fan data with the number of miles from a venue and use this for custom targeting of individuals who live within a 50 mile radius for local events like fundraisers or meet-and-greets. By leveraging bespoke and targeted email campaigns they will reduce email fatigue, opt-outs and improve conversion and fan engagement.
  • A B2B SaaS company can develop a targeted ABM campaign leveraging CRM data like sales call notes to accurately target  individuals at the right time. For example, sales call notes can be used to generate automated follow-ups at the agreed time, with personalized content based on the initial conversation to drive the best chance at winning the account.
  • A financial institution can text updates to local clients with information about their closest branch from construction closures to new ATMs to new branch openings
  • A retailer can leverage customer demographic and purchase data to predict which micro-influencer’s campaign would be most impactful. Then using this prediction, the retailer can more accurately serve sponsored content ads on Instagram or TikTok to the followers of the high-affinity influencer.

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Each innovation is aimed at making data more accessible and actionable, enabling businesses to deliver customer experiences that exceed expectations today and in the future.


“Generative AI has the potential to significantly improve how marketers create and personalize content,” said Gerrit Kazmaier, VP & GM, Data Analytics at Google Cloud. “Together, GrowthLoop and Google Cloud will help businesses apply generative AI to accelerate time-to-value and deliver more relevant content for end customers.”

“Through this strengthened alliance with Google Cloud, we are revolutionizing marketing practices. By leveraging Google Cloud’s advanced AI capabilities and BigQuery, we’re delivering an innovative, user-friendly solution that accelerates time-to-value and maximizes ROI for marketers. We’re thrilled to embark on this journey to redefine marketing.” – Chris Sell, co-Founder and co-CEO, GrowthLoop.

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