GRIN Is The First Influencer Marketing Software To Integrate TikTok Into Their Platform

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GRIN Is The First Influencer Marketing Software To Integrate TikTok Into Their Platform

GRIN, the leading and most rapidly growing Influencer Marketing Platform announced its integration with TikTok; the fastest growing social media network. TikTok has an estimated 800 million monthly active users and influencers globally and has seen its growth in the US almost quadrupled in just one year.

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After collaborating with brands operating in the TikTok space, GRIN has formally launched its TikTok integration, radically changing the influencer marketing landscape. Where many brands were forced to create “other” categories for their TikTok users outside of their influencer relationship management tool, they will now be able to seamlessly manage their TikTok influencers right alongside their other social media creators and ambassadors with GRIN.

“At Lume Cube we use TikTok as a platform to gain brand awareness and show a behind-the-scenes look at our company and creators. With GRIN adding a TikTok integration, it will allow us to see our influencers’ full content capabilities. Through GRIN we will be able to repurpose beautiful content from Instagram, track conversion driving videos from YouTube, and drive authentic brand awareness from TikTok,” said Lume Cube Influencer Marketing Manager, Audrey Van Vark in a recent webinar with GRIN.

The integration of TikTok will add to GRIN’s nearly 36 Million influencer recruitment suite and will make GRIN the first influencer relationship management tool to extend to the social network. In addition to TikTok, GRIN also supports Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube.

GRIN offers full TikTok support including functionality to help with all aspects of influencer marketing such as recruitment, communication, management, agreements, payments, and analytics.

TikTok, a mobile app for creating and sharing short videos and CNBC’s noted third-most downloaded app in the U.S., has become a new and lucrative attraction for brands to apply their marketing strategies. With such rapid growth, TikTok presents an opportunity for an alternative version of online sharing that marketers are quickly attuning to.

TikTok uniquely steers away from the lifestyle model of its predecessors and focuses on being an entertainment channel, opening the door for new influencers and creators to become content providers. The simplicity of the app attracts all forms of influencers and brands alike, making it the most popular social platform for influencer marketing and increasing the currency of TikTok influencers.

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“We are always working on several innovative product projects at GRIN, and our TikTok integration is a good example of that,” says Ryan Brown, CTO at GRIN. “We have seen a steady increase in influencer marketing activity on TikTok for quite some time. It’s a natural next step for marketers who are already seeing success on other platforms and want to expand their reach. GRIN is the first influencer marketing software system to introduce a true TikTok integration, giving our customers the ability to run campaigns, collect content, and track engagement. Like our other supported platforms, the TikTok integration fits seamlessly into existing workflows that our customers are already familiar with.”