Grata Releases Monoceros Update With CRM Integrations, API, and Business Model Data

Grata Releases Monoceros Update With CRM Integrations_ API_ and Business Model Data

Grata, the search engine for discovering middle market companies today announced the release of Monoceros, a strategic product update that automates the business development research process. Key features include a new CRM integration, an Enterprise API, and business model data.

Grata previously announced a Seed Expansion Round of $6.3M, which grew their total funding to $9.5M. The additional capital enabled Grata to accelerate product development in an effort to deliver customers the most efficient software platform for middle market prospecting at scale.

“Monoceros is a massive step forward for us,” said Andrew Bocskocsky, CEO and co-founder of Grata. “Not only has Grata’s in-app user experience improved with CRM integrations, but we’re able to service larger, enterprise clients via API, and reach new verticals with business model data that no one else can offer.”

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The Monoceros release features three core elements:

  • Relationship Intelligence: continuous, two-way syncing between Grata and CRM
    • Keep your company information up-to-date, by automatically pushing updates from Grata to your CRM
    • Personalize searches based on past interactions, by continuously syncing data from your CRM to Grata
  • An Enterprise API
    • Search API
      • Bring the functionality of core Grata Search into your internal systems and databases
      • Find similar companies and build private comp sets
    • Data Enrichment API
      • Enrich data on private companies, from firmographics to business models
  • Proprietary Business Model Data
    • Filter and target your search on proprietary data:
      • Business models – How a company does business. Separate software from services and retailers from distributors.
      • Target verticals – Who a company sells to. Separate B2B and B2C companies. Find verticalized players.
      • Sector classifications – Industry standard classifications, so you can map companies you find in Grata to your organization.

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