GR0 Launches E-A-T Blocks App on Shopify

GR0 Launches E-A-T Blocks App on Shopify

GR0, a leading SEO agency based in Los Angeles, has launched its E-A-T Blocks app on the Shopify App Store. The app is designed to create featured profiles and showcase a brand’s expertise in accordance with Google E-A-T guidelines.

The E-A-T Blocks app is now available for download at $14.99/month, with a 14-day free trial. GR0 will also launch E-A-T Blocks on the WordPress App Store later this year.

E-A-T, also known as Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, is an important aspect of Google’s Search Quality Rater guidelines. E-A-T is Google’s way of ensuring it delivers reliable, accurate, and truthful content to end-users. Adding E-A-T to your website’s content can result in better organic SEO, higher SERP rankings, and increased traffic for your site.

“One of the biggest problems we are seeing among our SEO clients is that although they have engaging, accurate content, they don’t have a way to showcase the experts that are reviewing the content prior to publication,”  said GR0’s Engineering Lead Anthony Utt.  “We initially looked to the Shopify app store for a product to recommend and when we saw that there wasn’t one, we seized the opportunity to build an incredibly useful tool for not only our clients, but countless other websites.

After some trial and error, we nailed down the exact functionality we needed and completed the app in a way that leverages Shopify’s inherent systems with no overhead on the site’s performance.”

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Why should websites use the E-A-T Blocks app?

  • Add reviewer credentials directly in Shopify: using the E-A-T Blocks app, you can create multiple profiles for all of the experts on your staff that review your content. Include links to biographies and other resources, add a photo, and show off their credentials.
  • Apply your credentials across all or specific blog posts: Set the default reviewer profile to show an E-A-T Block on every article, or only show them on specific posts. With article-specific settings, you can choose which reviewer best fits the content in the post.
  • Show that your store is reliable with E-A-T: now, more than ever, finding truthful, accurate information on the internet is an arduous task. E-A-T (Expertise – Authoritativeness – Trustworthiness) is one of Google’s deciding factors when judging content in the YMYL (Your Money, Your Life) space. This app allows you to create reviewer profile sections to be added to your shop’s articles, showcasing the experts that ensure your content is legitimate.
  • App Features:
    • Create profiles for each expert reviewer on your staff
    • Choose when and where you show an E-A-T Block
    • Create a custom template to match your existing theme
    • Set default options for every article

    “It’s incredible to work at a company where our leadership team encourages innovation — the GR0 founders supported our vision and allowed our Engineering team to really take charge of the development of this app,” said Utt. “I’m excited to offer this new product to our clients and hopefully to many brands across the DTC and YMYL space.”

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