Goorin Bros Modernizing Its Retail Operations with NewStore

Goorin Bros

American-based hat retailer building its next century of business around seamless omnichannel experiences for its customers and associates

NewStore, the essential omnichannel store solution, today announced Goorin Bros® is running its high-end hat business on the NewStore Omnichannel Platform. The premium headwear company is unlocking a shopping experience for its loyal, repeat customers that match its remarkable and reputable hats. The platform enables today’s critical retail functions including contactless payment, store fulfillment, and endless aisle.

Goorin Bros is a 125-year-old, family-owned retailer that has constantly had to adapt to different retail cycles, evolving shopping patterns, and new competition. Today’s retail landscape is as fierce and dramatic as the company has seen. The next season of the brand features an omnichannel customer experience with efficient operations across its direct-to-consumer store network. Having an omnichannel cloud underpinning the business enables complete connectivity between sales channels. It also empowers store associates to provide personalized service all from easy-to-use iPhone applications.

“My family business, now in its 125th year, has survived multiple recessions, the Great Depression, World Wars and is now dealing with another pandemic. Our ability to continually survive and thrive comes from avoiding status quo, and challenging my organization to innovate its culture, product, and technology; in order to stay relevant and exciting,” said Ben Goorin, fourth-generation hatter and CEO at Goorin Bros. “I’ve known for some time that the changing headwinds of retail would require an effective omnichannel solution. The customer must be at the center of the organization, as a vertically integrated retailer, we need to meet the needs and expectations of our customers across our channels seamlessly. While we’ve had a limited omnichannel solution in the past, NewStore now allows us to fully realize the vision we’ve always had for Goorin Bros. We’ve merged our online and physical stores, ushering in Goorin 2.0 — the unified brand experience our customers now demand and expect. It would not have been possible to pivot so quickly without a flexible platform. NewStore has features and functionality aligned with the future of retail. The urgency has only become more critical with the current pandemic; we need to be wherever our customer is, providing convenience and flexibility.”

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Goorin and its customers are benefitting from the value of an end-to-end omnichannel platform. Omni order management makes it possible to buy from anywhere and ship from anywhere, including fulfillment options such as buy online pickup in-store (BOPIS), ship from store, and more. It also allows for more efficient invenory management from a mobile point of service with endless aisle, mobile checkout, and clienteling, resulting in higher transaction sizes across channels.

“Goorin Bros has demonstrated an ability to uphold relevance through 125 years in business. Its willingness to change and adapt is why it has been so successful. Today, the brand recognizes omnichannel as a strategic imperative,” said Stephan Schambach, Founder and CEO, NewStore. “We’re honored to help a legacy brand move beyond legacy systems. Together we’ve simplified everything from checkout to store fulfillment and inventory, managed simply on iPhone apps.”

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