Gollgi Unveils First-of-its Kind Open-market Platform for Buyers and Sellers, Prioritizing Action Over Traffic


The platform picks up where Google leaves off, providing buyers and sellers with an action- and request-based protocol that emphasizes action over traffic

Gollgi, the search platform specializing in connecting buyers with sellers, has pioneered an infrastructure positioned to permanently alter the landscape of e-commerce by turning search engines into service engines. Golllgi’s platform cuts out costly barriers companies face today when scanning the web for suppliers, providing search capabilities more efficient and effective than the current options

While traditional search engines consistently provide searchers with a multitude of results within seconds, they don’t always truly deliver an efficient platform for their needs. Searchers clicking on a web search link that does not involve what they are looking for is very common-place, yet platforms such as Google charge for the ad being clicked on regardless. Between 2016-2018, an estimated $7.2b was lost on PPC platforms to “invalid clicks,” such as click fraud or search errors. Such platforms incentivize clicks, creating a landscape in which helping its users find what they’re looking for efficiently isn’t the main priority. From drowning in irrelevant search results to paying for low-quality traffic, buyers and merchants have long-sought after a platform that focuses solely on providing what they need. That’s where Gollgi comes in.

Gollgi’s first-of-its-kind search platform provides buyers and sellers with an open-market network, where users simply make a request for a product and only relevant sellers approach them with offers. Gollgi’s platform does not promote irrelevant products, collect user data, or waste the buyer’s time with hopeful searches. Unlike platforms such as Shopify or Wix, there is also zero cost attached to opening a store on the platform. Gollgi doesn’t charge commission upon each sale, nor does it involve itself in the trade, it’s sole aim is to connect buyers with relevant sellers.

Gollgi’s platform lets users:

  • Utilize time more efficiently by cutting out long, arduous web searches
  • Connect with buyers/vendors exclusively relevant to their requests
  • Attain the exact products or vendors they require without diversions
  • Open a store for free, advertising items for sale with zero monthly fees

“Online marketplaces and search engines let us down with thousands of irrelevant results, prioritizing clicks over providing solutions,“ says Eitan Koren, founder of Gollgi. “The Gollgi platform addresses a tangible desire in the market for search engines to reposition themselves as answer engines.”