Networking Tool Allows Professionals to Connect and Build Relationships – Virtually!

Glue Up, a leading CRM platform operating in over 50 countries around the world, just announced it is revolutionizing the way businesses and professionals connect with its innovative, exclusive, Speed Networking Tool.

“There is no other tool that functions like this on the market,” said Eric Schmidt, CEO and co-founder. “The pandemic has taken a toll on business around the world, and businesses are having to learn, very quickly, how to adapt. We expedited the roll-out of this new product, knowing that one of the biggest challenges these businesses were facing is more than just how to connect and interact, but how to network with other business professionals and build their businesses when face-to-face interaction is limited.”

Glue Up’s Speed Networking feature gives professionals a fully-immersive virtual networking experience that recreates the meaningful aspects of face-to-face networking without any of its limitations. Unique to Glue Up, the platform allows clients to host networking meet-ups, exchange business cards and socialize with one another all online – all in one place.

“With most interactions being virtual these days, people have been challenged with how they can connect with others and, even more difficult, how they build important new relationships. Speed Networking enables person-to-person interactions and creates new opportunity to build your business,” continued Schmidt. “The speed networking tool allows members the opportunity not only to connect, but get straight to business, with everyone having the same understanding that you need to exchange info quickly.”

The newly launched tool allows professionals the ability to connect quickly and conveniently, but also ensures the connections made are with the right, most relevant people.

“This feature is like speed dating for professionals. Instead of looking for a date, you are looking for a person that will help expand your business, professional goals, increase revenue, etc. It’s like professional matchmaking,” said Olivia Ji, President and co-founder. “It’s the only platform that will allow you to meet relevant people without having to scramble around to find the person that fits your network; they come to you!”

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“It truly is the future of networking and building business relationships,” concluded Schmidt. “Our world is fast, networking should be faster.”