Global B2B E-Commerce Market Report, 2020-2024 – B2B Companies Investing in Digital Channels to Meet Customers’ Expectations

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Marketplaces help drive B2B E-Commerce growth

B2B E-Commerce sales worldwide continue to rise, with a forecast of a solid growth rate through 2024 to a double-digit figure in trillions of U.S. dollars. The main growth drivers include B2B buyers turning to online channels for purchasing and the expansion of B2B E-Commerce marketplaces such as China’s Alibaba and Amazon Business in the USA. The two countries are also the largest b2B E-Commerce markets worldwide, according to figures cited in the report.

B2B companies investing in digital channels to meet customers’ expectations

Recent surveys show that more than two in three B2B buyers choose to purchase digitally, but they expect more from their E-Commerce buying experience than what is currently offered. As revealed in the report, the main aspects of B2B E-Commerce to be improved from the customers’ perspective include easier and quicker checkout, along with a more convenient repeat buying procedures. B2B companies seeking to attract more customers online are investing in enhancing their digital channels to meet the expectations of their customers.