Vodafone Germany is now using WhatsApp, SMS and another top business messaging platform supported by Genesys®, the global leader in cloud customer experience and contact center solutions. With Genesys Messaging, 1,500 of the company’s agents can connect easily and intuitively with customers on this growing channel, which already averages 300,000 monthly interactions.

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WhatsApp is the messaging platform of choice for more than 80% of all mobile phone users in Germany1. As such, the organization knew it was vital to provide service via this channel so its customers could communicate with agents as easily as they do with friends and family. Today, WhatsApp generates about 75% of the company’s messaging volume, and Genesys Engage™ enables it to meet this demand.

“We expect to handle over 600,000 messaging interactions per month by 2020,” explains Jörg Knoop, a technology digital incubator at Vodafone. “We envision WhatsApp and messaging will be central to our customer communications in the future and will enable us to securely respond to customer queries through our customers’ Vodafone WhatsApp chat. In addition, more than every third conversation is already fully handled by the inhouse intelligent virtual assistant TOBi.”

The multinational telecommunications company handles all customer service interactions across each of its channels, including voice, email, chat and messaging, through Genesys Engage, an omnichannel, multi-cloud contact center solution for large businesses. The fully integrated offering enables agents to either handle the query in WhatsApp or, if needed, call the customer with a touch of a button, with the benefit of all conversation history appearing in front of them regardless of the channel. This gives agents complete visibility into their customer’s history in the same view, so they can deliver more connected experiences.

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Using Genesys Engage, the company has differentiated itself from competitors by providing a superior customer experience. In addition to the benefits derived from the WhatsApp messaging integration, the company has realized significant customer-centric improvements across its key contact channels.