Gen-X Muscle Partners with TruLife Distribution To Fuel Their 2020 Expansion


Gen-X Muscle’s Has Products For Sale Through The Biggest E-Commerce Sites On The Web

Rising star of the health and wellness industry, TruLife Distribution has fostered unprecedented growth for Gen-X Muscle. Gen-X Muscle offers a variety of research-based sports nutrition products to improve athletic performance and muscle-building potential for professional athletes and people who generally want to be healthy and fit. “We were ready to expand our brand across online platforms and major brick-and-mortar outlets across the country. TruLife streamlined that process for us. We sincerely appreciate Brian and his team’s commitment to helping our company grow,” says founder and CEO George Dorsey.

Gen-X Muscle applies consciousness to every aspect of their business model. In the sports nutrition realm, Gen-X Muscle’s supplement line stands out. In addition to powerful formulas designed for pre and post workout supplementation, they also feature several unique, natural product offerings, like Extra Strength Fermented Apple Cider Vinegar Pills and Turmeric Curcumin with Ginger and BioperineBut Gen-X also brings conscious innovation to well-known sports nutrition supplements with their Whey Isolate Formula with Vitamin D.

George Dorsey says that in his thirty plus years as a professional athlete and fitness entrepreneur, he noticed that the industry was lacking when it came to creating products that specifically addressed the health concerns of African American consumers. Dorsey says vitamin D deficiency is particularly common for African Americans living in the southern United States, and he wanted to ensure that this concern was addressed in his product design and development.

Consciousness also takes shape in Gen-X Muscle’s commitment to using their brand and platform to give back. Dorsey and Gen-X emphasize social responsibility by hosting events for the children’s charity, Home Of Hope in Buford, Georgia.

Dorsey was looking to enhance his brand’s web-based exposure, and his partnership with TruLife has helped propel Gen-X Muscle’s e-commerce presence to new heights. TruLife CEO, Brian Gould, has more than two decades of experience in the health and wellness distribution industry, placing brands with some of the largest retailers in the United States. Gould’s proven track record of success for his clients has opened doors for Gen-X and put a spotlight on their products.

“We partnered with Brian Gould and TruLife Distribution for three key reasons: knowledge of our brand and industry, responsiveness, and the ability to provide a personal touch. Brian took the initiative to better understand our brand, our products, and how these aspects of Gen-X Muscle fit into an existing sea of sports nutrition companies and products,” says Dorsey.

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But Gould says Gen-X makes his job easy, “Gen-X is a great company, it’s a joy to work with an established brand with such a strong mission. Retailers are excited to add them to their lineup. We were quite pleased with the buyer feedback at the recent Healthy Living, Vitamin & Nutrition ECRM program.” Gould says his partnership with Gen-X has been mutually beneficial, since well-researched, effective products are always top sellers, he’s happy to be able to help them expand and reach more customers.

“The customer response to their products has also been fantastic,” says Gould. “This brand was ready to go, we just had to provide exposure to a larger retail audience and were confident that the products would speak for themselves.”

Gen-X Muscle products are now available through their company website as well as Amazon, Walmart, Rakuten, and many more, with plans to continue their expansion throughout 2020.

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