GeekHive Announces New Marketing Technology Offer to Improve ROI in 60 Days

GeekHive, Marketing Technology

GeekHive introduces the Martech Stack Assessment as its latest marketing technology service offering at the MarTech East Conference in Boston, MASeptember 16-18, 2019. An abbreviated version of the consultancy’s more extensive digital transformation engagements, the Martech Stack Assessment identifies quick-win opportunities for clients to see immediate returns on their marketing technology investments.

Recognizing the pressure placed on business leaders to improve the return of their marketing technology investments, GeekHive presents the Martech Stack Assessment as a short-term marketing technology solution that carries long-term value.

“The Martech Stack Assessment directly responds to our clients’ need to leverage and optimize their investments in marketing technology,” said Gene De Libero, Director of Digital Strategy and Marketing Technology at GeekHive. “Outcomes of the assessment improve operational efficiencies, save our clients money, and positively impact business results.”

Covering marketing technology discovery, analysis, and solution development, the Martech Stack Assessment includes five phases in 60 days: Digital Maturity Assessment, Systems Assessment, Digital Insights, Strategy Roadmap, and Quick Wins. The service offering evaluates existing technology systems and organizational digital readiness to provide clarity into the client’s current marketing technology state and to reveal opportunities for optimization. Insights gleaned from these findings then inform the creation of a client-specific roadmap that is developed to support target objectives and outlined with next steps for the organization to follow.

The Martech Stack Assessment consolidates strategy alignment, roadmap development, and technology integration within a short 60-day cycle to enable organizations to jumpstart their digital transformation and maximize the value of their marketing technology, quickly and effectively.

GeekHive President & CEO, Peter Ladka stated, “Our team takes great pride in finding marketing technology solutions that deliver successful outcomes for our partners. We are  committed to providing our clients with top-quality digital strategy and marketing technology expertise that brings immediate value back to their organization.”