GDS Link Marketing Services Launches ePrescreen365: A Ground-Breaking Widget for Streamlined Loan Offers

GDS Link Marketing Services Launches ePrescreen365: A Ground-Breaking Widget for Streamlined Loan Offers

GDS Link Marketing Services, a pioneer in marketing solutions for financial services, proudly announces the launch of ePrescreen365, a state-of-the-art widget set to transform how financial institutions present prescreened online loan offers. Designed to meet the escalating demand for online access, ePrescreen365 provides customers/members a frictionless process to view their prequalified loan offers.

ePrescreen365 facilitates a multi-loan type, perpetual online loan program catering to various loan categories such as Auto, Mortgage, Home Equity, Credit Card, Personal Loan, and Student Loan. This user-friendly widget grant website visitors effortless access to their prequalified loan offers while ensuring their credit scores remain unaffected. By delivering a consistent and seamless customer experience, ePrescreen365 eliminates the need for integration, ensuring that users never have to leave the financial institution’s website.

The key benefits of ePrescreen365 include:

  • Meeting Consumer Demand for Online Access: With a fast and secure 2FA process, ePrescreen365 satisfies consumer demand for online access.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: By eliminating integration needs, ePrescreen365 provides a seamless digital journey. Enabling a personalized experience without redirects.
  • Credit Score Protection: Users can view loan offers without affecting their credit score, safeguarding their financial standing.
  • Lead Generation and Maximizing Loan Opportunities: Daily reports help financial institutions identify and pursue leads, maximizing loan opportunities and nurturing customer relationships.

ePrescreen365 offers a responsive design for optimal user experience across devices. Its mobile-friendly interface simplifies the process of providing information like name and date of birth. The widget displays up to six tailored loan programs based on prequalified offers.

Integrating ePrescreen365 is a smooth and straightforward process. Once a URL location is set, and a landing page has been built, GDS Link Marketing Services will provide an embed code, making integration a breeze. With this seamless integration, your customers or members can instantly access their prequalified loan offers, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

To maximize impact, financial institutions can use various marketing channels like websites, emails, newsletters, texts, push notifications, billing statements, and direct mail. This multi-channel approach enhances the online loan offer experience and engages customers/members proactively.

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ePrescreen365 offers enhanced integration capabilities, allowing seamless integration into existing or legacy infrastructure. ePrescreen365 offers various integration options for financial institutions, such as simple redirects, pre-filling of customer/member information, behind-the-scenes data posting, and API integration with LOS or other providers (subject to permissions). This level of integration empowers financial institutions to streamline their processes and provide a seamless experience for customers/members.

“We are thrilled to introduce ePrescreen365, and believe it is a true game-changer,” said Paul Greenwood, CEO / President at GDS Link. “With ePrescreen365, integrating a seamless, convenient, and personalized loan offer experience to customers has never been easier for lenders. We are confident ePrescreen365 can and will revolutionize the loan offer process for our clients.”

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