Game Changing Technologies, Inc (“GCT“) announced a new strategic partnership with Context Networks, Inc., the world’s first omnichannel marketing system to unify high-contextualized marketing messages across all physical and digital displays helping casinos and lottery operators drive new revenue streams by building more direct and meaningful relationships with their customers.

Digital Advertising Alliance Announces CCPA Tools for Ad Industry

The Contextual Promotions Media (CPM) Network, a secure private blockchain platform, and operator ecosystem deliver an end-to-end advertising solution for operators enabling them to become digital publishers with no new capital investment.  This Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) brings together operators and advertisers in a dedicated, private, permissioned blockchain ecosystem using digital tokens for payments, exchanges, incentives, and fees. GCT will make the CMP Network available to its full network of casino operators and tribes.

“Digital advertising has moved well beyond simple TV and radio and is now in almost all aspects of our lives from cabs and buses, mobile devices, online shopping, and online entertainment. Artificial intelligence technology and geo-spatial locational services enable targeted one-to-one marketing like never before,” stated Andrew Cardno, GCT’s CEO. “With Google and Facebook being the largest advertising platforms in the world, digital advertising becomes more and more commonplace. It makes sense for casinos to monetize their digital real-estate.”

Driving Donors with Personalization

Casino and lottery publishers can leverage the benefits of rapid payment settlements and transparent advertising-on-demand. Operators, acting as publishers, have immediate, low-cost access to high-quality customers. Advertisers and traditional Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) deliver creative digital assets efficiently in a low-touch environment integrated with anti-fraud solutions that form a secure information base for advertisers to make weighted decisions on real-time advertising bids.  Advertisers and sponsors can perform in-depth audits of their ad spend. In addition, tamper-proof storage of smart contracts and event logs inside the CPM Network private blockchain prevents dishonest participants from using corruption schemes.