Gas Authority of Georgia Selects KloudGin Field Asset Management to Move Beyond the Meter With New Digital Customer Engagement Initiatives

Gas Authority of Georgia Selects KloudGin Field Asset Management to Move Beyond the Meter With New Digital Customer Engagement Initiatives

Largest Non-Profit Natural Gas Joint-Action Agency in the U.S. adopts Field Service Management to support an Automated Digital Market Experience to Better Serve and Engage with Customers.

The Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia (Gas Authority) has selected KloudGin, the leading provider of AI cloud-based field service and asset management solutions, to deliver an automated digital market experience that creates new revenue opportunities for members and expands services to better serve and engage with customers.

Serving 80 members in five states totaling 246,000 customers, the Gas Authority’s new business unit, Natural Gas Connection (NGC), built an integrated online platform to make it easier for consumers to purchase natural gas appliances for their homes, as well as acquire related services.

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NGC selected KloudGin to design a logistical framework to manage their highly automated e-commerce retail appliance business to make the consumer purchasing process seamless. By offering a one-stop shopping experience with a fully integrated and automated customer-facing webstore.

KloudGin solution and integration with other software running in the background, customers can check on appliance inventory availability, obtain financing and manage logistics with third-party installers all in one place. NGC has a pool of contractors that it uses for installations. Once customers place an order for appliances, KloudGin pushes a notification offer to the appropriate contractor to accept the service activity. The notified contractor has 24 hours to respond. Upon acceptance, KloudGin confirms the service activity based on the expected appliance availability pickup date. KloudGin then notifies Shopify of the install date, cost, and contact info for the installer.

NGC also uses the KloudGin Mobile App for their contractors to manage the installation process. The app provides the contractor with all the details of the work order and allows him or her to take pictures, access documents, take notes and get customer signatures electronically.

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“Our objective was to help our members build their retail business by retaining and adding customers and volume. What could have been a logistical nightmare evolved into a partnership with KloudGin helping us bring our vision to life,” said Chris Howell, Director of Finance at the Gas Authority. Mike Mihalick, Manager of Business Development at the Gas Authority added, “Working with KloudGin we created a solution that helps improve quality of life for our members’ customers by providing access to natural gas which is more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.”

According to Tara LeCroy, Manager of Information Technology at the Gas Authority, “KloudGin has brought in a modern cloud and mobile-based platform that was seamlessly integrated into our existing infrastructure and the team worked with us to develop a full end-to-end solution that we needed to effectively engage and retain our customers.”

“We worked with NGC to improve the customer experience, create alternate revenue streams, and help them retain and grow their customer base for gas usage,” said Vikram Takru, co-founder and CEO of KloudGin. “Our platform will help members respond to a dynamically shifting environment and provide high-quality products and digital services that will enhance customer loyalty and manage retention.”

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