Game-Changing NetSuite Integration Application Debuts

Game-Changing NetSuite Integration Application Debuts

Integration designed to sync NetSuite platform with HubSpot CRM; developed by marketing technology solutions consultancy, ManoByte

ManoByte,Grand Rapids, Michigan-based, full-service, marketing technology solutions consultancy, recently developed and launched a custom integration application, providing NetSuite and HubSpot customers the ability to sync their CRM data – leads, contacts, and companies – inclusive of custom properties – across the two platforms, for optimal performance and ROI. The integration offers customers four key benefits: convenience, real-time data, improved marketing capabilities, and business growth opportunities. This application is the only one on the market allowing up to 25,000+ contact syncs for less than $100 per month, and is currently available in the HubSpot App Marketplace.

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“There’s no reason for an organization to invest in platforms like NetSuite and HubSpot, if the organization is not utilizing all of the tools, or integrating solutions, for the most efficient and productive advantages,” said Kevin Dean, president and CEO of ManoByte. “As a Diamond HubSpot Agency Partner and NetSuite Solution Partner, we recognized the need for an integration such as ours, and are thrilled that it’s officially available to our clients and other HubSpot and NetSuite users around the globe!”

NetSuite, a suite of cloud-based applications, including financials/Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and HubSpot, a provider of software products for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service, are powerful tools that offer automation, break down data silos, and help entire businesses function as a cohesive unit. Together, when implemented properly, they give businesses an advantage with real-time access to all important data that propels everything from customer service to the advanced ability to predict the customer’s needs, and to meet them where they live.

The four main benefits of ManoByte’s NetSuite+HubSpot integration include:

  • Convenience: The integration’s automatic data sync saves time and hassle by avoiding the need for CSV imports/exports from both platforms.
  • Real-time Data: The integration is automated in real-time, ensuring marketing and business efforts are reaching the right people all of the time.
  • Improved Marketing: Utilizing HubSpot’s robust, automated marketing tools to target a company’s NetSuite contacts can have a major impact on a marketing plan. By targeting more people in different areas, companies can improve their marketing reach.
  • Business Growth: With HubSpot leads synced, companies can easily convert leads to customers within NetSuite, without adding additional contact data.

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This new integration application is available at two subscription levels:

  • Starter Package: The starter plan is great for smaller companies that are looking for a simple integration. This plan includes bi-directional data sync and up to 10 custom property integrations across contacts and companies. Starter Package is $49 per month.
  • Pro Package: The Pro plan is the right choice for a company that wants maximum customization and contact reach. This plan includes bi-directional data sync and allows for 25,000+ contacts and companies, as well as up to 30 custom property integrations. Pro package is $99 per month.