Gainsight Announces Horizon Analytics

Gainsight Announces Horizon Analytics-01

New Capabilities Simplify How Businesses Can Unify and Leverage Customer Data, Make it Easy to Put Powerful Customer Analytics into the Hands of Every Stakeholder

Gainsight, the Customer Success Company, today announced the launch of Horizon Analytics, delivering robust new reporting and analytics capabilities to its industry-leading Customer Success software platform. Horizon Analytics aims to help users uncover faster insights, inform better business decisions with accurate and relevant reporting, and improve retention and growth by driving company-wide customer-centricity.

As Customer Success continues to mature, everyone from CEOs to CSMs are leveraging more data points to optimize their operations, improve team performance, and measure their impact on Net Dollar Retention (NDR). Horizon Analytics helps businesses drive customer centricity, reduce churn and deliver better outcomes by delivering rich customer insights to teams and shareholders across the organization – from customer success and sales to marketing, product, engineering, key executives and board members.

“Customer Success used to be all about building the ship, hiring the crew, and sailing from shore. Now that they’ve set sail, the new focus is on optimizing the route and navigation toward the destination. Horizon Analytics provides that data to help Customer Success navigate through that journey and stay focused on the horizon.” – Karl Rumelhart, Chief Product Officer, Gainsight

Rich customer analytics, made simple.

Gainsight is redefining the way customer-centric organizations think about analytics for the customer journey. Horizon Analytics makes it easy for companies to unify and tap into the power of their customers’ data and allow them to uncover the insights needed to drive new levels of retention and growth. Capabilities include:

  • A re-imagined report and dashboarding-building experience, powered by the Horizon Experience design system, that makes uncovering meaningful insights simpler and more straightforward.
  • Improved dashboard performance and flexibility.
  • Greater control over visualizations, based on principles from the most-loved consumer tools, enabling users to create more visually-appealing and on-brand charts and dashboards.

At today’s Gainsight Horizon Analytics Product Launch Event, the company’s product leaders also announced additional capabilities including:

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  • Expanded Product analytics to include SaaS, mobile and desktop applications: Gainsight will be able to track product usage across every type of product, which enables companies to get the usage data they need, and easily surface to all customer-facing teams within an organization.
  • New view-only license provides company-wide access to critical customer insights: By introducing a new, view-only license with access to Horizon AnalyticsGainsight is making it easier for companies to drive organization-wide customer-centricity by putting powerful analytics in the hands of every stakeholder.
  • Access to Horizon Analytics Dashboards in Mobile: Customer-facing teams will now have access to powerful analytics wherever they are with the ability to access dashboards from within the Gainsight Mobile App.