FusionIQ Adds Alternative Investments to Digital Workstation

FusionIQ Adds Alternative Investments to Digital Workstation-01

FusionIQ, a leading investment research and technology provider, today announced the addition of more than 30 alternative investment products to its workstation through an integration with Galaxy Plus. Alongside equities and fixed income products, FusionIQ customers can now analyze and invest in a variety of alternative investment strategies.

Recent macroeconomic and industry events have highlighted important consideration for investors into alternative investments. Powered by Galaxy Plus’ suite of managed account solutions, qualified investors have access to alternative investment advisors in a highly liquid process and with minimums as low as $50,000. Included are high levels of manager transparency such as due diligence reports, daily data on exposure and attribution analysis, daily performance reporting and more.

“Today’s financial services firms need a digital solution that can hold a portfolio of diverse asset classes in one location,” said Mark Healy, CEO of FusionIQ. “Our partnership with Galaxy Plus allows us to expand our workstation into alternative investments and meet the growing demand for these investments, all while being able to maintain the assets inside of a traditional portfolio. This is a game changer for firms looking to gain the best technology and offering for investors in a meaningful digital experience.”

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FusionIQ’s workstation provides an automated and paperless back-office solution with a fully digital investment platform. By pairing a traditional advisor-driven experience with the convenience of a digital investment platform, investors can manage portfolios – including retirement, individual, joint, custodial, institutional and trust accounts – through a self-directed or digital advisor experience.

“By providing access to these funds in a very streamlined, digitized manner, we’re able to remove a lot of the friction that comes with private investments,” commented David Young, president of Galaxy Plus. “This integration creates an incredible distribution opportunity for the fund managers we partner with. We’re looking forward to introducing them to the growing number of investors on FusionIQ’s platform.”

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