FreedomPay Unifies Commerce Data Into Actionable Business Intelligence

FreedomPay Unifies Commerce Data Into Actionable Business Intelligence

Merchants now have access to consumer-centric digital insights to drive profit and growth in a world of commerce without borders

FreedomPay, the global leader in Next Level Commerce™, introduces an industry-leading business intelligence solution that transforms digital strategy and consumer experience for merchants globally. Through BI, merchants can leverage commerce data to analyze sales performance across all selling systems, and contextualize purchase patterns all within unique, customized consumer segments.

By converging data accessibility and proactive intelligence, merchants will be equipped with the information to drive smarter, more effective strategic decisions – lower overall cost of payment acceptance, steer consumer behavior and target specific products. FreedomPay’s insights and analytics solution will leverage transactional data from merchant payment ecosystems to generate deeper business understanding. The insights engine further empowers merchants to affect consumer behavior and drive organizations toward a competitive analytical mindset.

FreedomPay’s Business Intelligence solution will provide a unified view of enterprise commerce and put the power of insights truly into the hands of merchants,” said Chris Kronenthal, President and CTO of FreedomPay. “Utilizing analytical methods, merchants will have the opportunity to understand their business using data-driven intelligence. Seamlessly and turn-key access forecasting, consumer segmentation, and market analysis, allowing merchants to dig into transactional data.  Best of all – it’s all out of the box; no expensive infrastructure or management costs necessary.”

FreedomPay’s BI solution will deliver value to multiple sectors within its enterprise clients including Sales, Operations, Finance and Marketing. Merchants will now be able to integrate competitive intelligence in their strategic decision-making by relying on insights developed from curated enterprise data.