, the world’s leading video creation platform for businesses, launched a new video marketing tool for Shopify merchants. The Video Maker app is now available on the Shopify App Store. Free at launch, the new video app is now available to more than 1 million Shopify merchants.

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Integrating video marketing efforts with Shopify leads to an increase in sales, as shown in a recent test run by and RetargetApp, a web app that automatically optimizes effective ads for Shopify shops. In a Facebook test, Shopify store YesCustom, saw a 50% decrease in their cost-per-purchase and seven times higher return on ad spend (ROAS) when using videos.

The new app developed for Shopify allows merchants to quickly and easily turn product images into engaging marketing videos used to target customers and grow sales.

It is simple to use:

  • Select video type/goal
  • The app pulls existing footage and imagesDelivers an optimized video based on ad goals
  • Merchant publishes on Shopify product pages, websites, or Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter accounts.

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