FranConnect Launches Franchise Scorecards to Equip Brands with Powerful Technology to Drive Unit-level Economics

FranConnect Launches Franchise Scorecards to Equip Brands with Powerful Technology to Drive Unit-level Economics-01

FranConnect, the leading provider of franchise management solutions for driving success in franchise sales, operations, and marketing, announced today that it has added a powerful new tool to the company’s already strong brand consistency capabilities: franchise scorecards. The franchise scorecards, part of FranConnect’s Operations platform, equip franchise business consultants with impactful technology to help franchisees drive unit-level economics — replacing tedious and time-consuming manual processes.

“Our new franchise scorecards have the power to transform how franchise business consultants approach improving performance at the unit level,” said Jaffrey Ali, Chief Product Officer. “Through FranConnect’s technology, they can now aggregate data from field visits, surveys, self-assessments, POS systems, loyalty programs, and more to produce actional insights that further help automate the process of ensuring individual units are successful. We’ve taken best practices from franchising and standardized the visualization to allow for franchise business consultants to easily compare KPIs to quickly identify the biggest opportunities.”

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Using the franchise scorecards as a guide, franchise business consultants can then leverage other tools within FranConnect’s Operations platforms to educate the franchisee on necessary improvements, direct them to training content, or assign a playbook with a set of tasks to address the highlighted concern.

“Incorporating FranConnect’s franchise scorecards had an immediate positive impact on our brand,” said Tony Caballero, CFE, Senior Vice President of Operations at Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux. “This capability allowed the team to compare the business in a new light by pulling together data from previously disparate systems and boiling it down into a concise view of performance based on our KPIs. The feedback from our field teams and franchisees has been overwhelmingly positive as they see it as a valuable resource. If used as it is intended any business can benefit from this platform.”

Franchise scorecards are the first of several operations-focused products FranConnect will introduce this year. FranConnect has made significant investments in operations over the last few years, including the acquisition of FranchiseBlast in 2021, and will continue to dedicate significant resources to bringing new products to market.

For more information on FranConnect’s new franchise scorecards or to schedule a demo of the Operations platform, visit

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