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Franchise Clique Changing the Lead Generation Landscape in 2020

Franchise Clique Changing the Lead Generation Landscape in 2020

FranchiseClique.com is upgrading its technologies and exploring new strategies to redefine what it means to be a successful lead generation portal in 2020.

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, many franchisors and lead generators were left wondering what to do in a landscape unlike anything ever experienced before. Old technologies proved no longer feasible with many potential franchisees wary of market uncertainty and opting out of investment for the time being and many franchisors making advertising budget cuts in order to keep operations running smoothly.

As this tumultuous year has progressed, though, the franchise space has demonstrated tremendous growth and resilience, as evidenced by the success of countless franchisors rapidly expanding and a vast network of entrepreneurs exploring franchise ownership. When it comes to lead generation, one of the top sources in the industry has been hard at work adapting to these ever-changing times, too. Since early 2020, CEO David Schwartz of FranchiseClique.com has made a concerted effort to increase the volume and quality of leads for his clients in order to help them stay on track for their 2020 development goals despite the various external challenges of the current climate.

Schwartz began by upgrading the company’s existing proprietary technologies and hiring several key new staff members, including a full-time Public Relations Director, Social Media Manager, Marketing Director and Executive Assistant. “One of the biggest keys in the franchise space is to ensure you aren’t relying on outdated techniques,” Schwartz says, “which means continually adapting, always thinking outside of the box and bringing in new team members with fresh ideas and expertise in certain areas where you’re looking to expand.”

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Schwartz’s ultimate goal for 2020 is not only to stay one step ahead of the status quo in an unprecedented business climate, but to truly distinguish Franchise Clique as the premier choice for lead generation in the franchise space. “We want to demonstrate our new and improved process and truly highlight our commitment to our clients, first and foremost. Generating top-quality, call-verified leads has been our prerogative since the very beginning, and now we’re more committed than ever to meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations and helping them crush their development goals for the year in spite of the adversity we’re all facing right now.”

Founded in 2008 by CEO Dave Schwartz, FranchiseClique.com is one of the nation’s fastest-growing Internet-based marketing companies and one of the premier sources for leads in the franchise industry. We work with hundreds of franchises and business opportunities and offer unparalleled advertising opportunities to our clients through our specialized proprietary technology. Our unique platform allows hopeful entrepreneurs the ability to find hundreds of available franchises and business opportunities and connects them immediately with franchise development teams.

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