Foxtrot Market Launches Good Stuff Delivered, New Brand Campaign Showcasing How The Company Delivers Everyday Delight

Foxtrot Market Launches Good Stuff Delivered_ New Brand Campaign Showcasing How The Company Delivers Everyday Delight

The Modern Corner Store Takes Inspiration from Original Design Narrative To Infuse Daily Moments of Fun for Guests

Today, Foxtrot, the company redefining what a corner store and cafe can be, announces the launch of its Good Stuff Delivered campaign. Rooted in the idea that enjoyment can be found in the ordinary everyday, now more than ever, the campaign builds on the company’s core playfulness while emphasizing the range of its on demand, app-powered delivery service.

Foxtrot has built one of the leading truly convenient stores for the modern world — a digitally native evolution of the corner store/cafe that marries the best of neighborhood retail and ecommerce technology, to offer a thoughtfully curated collection of daily essentials, coffee and prepared foods available in-store or delivered in under an hour.

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Good Stuff Delivered brings to life the ethos that Foxtrot is built on: fulfilling everyday needs with a sense of delight and discovery. Foxtrot noticed a deeper relevance of this mission for customers seeking a reprieve from the challenges that 2020 has brought.

“We wanted our latest brand expression to capture that sense of fun that happens when a guest enters our stores or receives our deliveries, while still bringing a new sense of immediacy to the value of daily diversions in a world where we are all more challenged,” said Foxtrot CMO Carla Dunham. “Foxtrot has always been about the moments that define your day — grabbing a cup of coffee, picking up a bottle of wine, ordering delivery for dinner — and working to make them feel memorable, especially in today’s world when those daily rituals, however small, feel so important.”

At the heart of the Good Stuff Delivered campaign are new, simple yet tongue-in-cheek black and white illustrations inspired by Foxtrot’s tightly defined aesthetic. While these playful graphics have always been Foxtrot’s signature, the campaign turns them into larger than life expressions to capture the essence of delight that is core to the brand’s foundation and reflective of what the company hopes to do with their curated product selection. The new imagery will be used across all of the brand’s platforms including playful digital snippets, revamped store bags and Foxtrot’s new line of coffee merchandise.

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“We want to celebrate the little moments, continue to be champions of the things that have the power to uplift, and bring a smile to our customers,” continued Dunham.

Additionally, Good Stuff Delivered is marked by Foxtrot’s surprise and delight moments, through which the brand will be celebrating and encouraging random acts of fun in the communities they serve. Throughout the week of the launch, store visitors and app users will be treated at random to free coffee, store gift cards, and more. Jeni’s in Chicago and Melt Ice Creams in Dallas will also be present at select locations for ice cream pop-ups on the campaign launch date.