Flippa Launches Partner Market to Help Online Businesses Drive Growth

Flippa Launches Partner Market to Help Online Businesses Drive Growth

Flippa, the #1 global online marketplace to buy and sell online businesses and digital assets, today announced the launch of its new Flippa Partner Market. The Flippa Partner Market is a community driven marketplace offering critical growth services like digital marketing and web design from a selection of curated, pre-vetted agencies and/or individuals sourced from within the Flippa community.

By tapping the professional expertise within the Flippa ecosystem, Flippa’s Partner Market intends to help online business owners and digital entrepreneurs take the growth of their companies to the next level.

Flippa attracts many buyers who wish to buy a business but may lack the domain expertise to efficiently scale. The Flippa Partner Market allows online business owners and digital entrepreneurs to hire experts with domain expertise in digital marketing and growth – to help support them through the next phase of their ownership journey.

In addition, Flippa is leveraging the deep and broad expertise of its community, who now have the opportunity to monetize their expertise.

“Flippa is now helping investors, buyers and acquisition entrepreneurs to grow,” said Jane Ingram, Strategic Partnerships Manager at Flippa. “We have curated an initial set of partners from our community of over 3M registered users and will now carefully expand this expert marketplace to help with the next stage of the buyer’s life cycle – growth.”

Unlike other marketplaces and broker networks, Flippa is the first to offer comprehensive support services. The marketplace already offers platform integrations, comprehensive due diligence and legal services to its buyers and sellers. And now, entrepreneurs and investors can tap into Flippa’s curated network of expert partners.

As the trend of online business acquisitions continues to grow, the level of skills and technology to manage an online business is also growing. Providing the business owner with curated options for digital marketing and other professional services helps lower the barrier to entry, quickens the transition and launches the business into growth mode faster, helping to accelerate the business owner’s ROI and shorten the payback period.

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Beginning today, there are approximately 16 expert partners featured on the Flippa Partner Market, offering over 50 packages of services in 13 categories, including:

  • Digital marketing consulting
  • Social media strategy
  • Web design
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic design
  • SEO management
  • Hosting
  • Virtual assistance

Flippa expects to have over 100 partners by the end of next quarter.

Whether your business needs a new logo, website content and blog articles, email marketing, a social media strategy, professional consulting on sales conversion best practices or making the most of your digital advertising budget, or Virtual Assistants to help save time and organize your daily workload, the Flippa Partner Market can connect you with experienced professional service providers.

Flippa’s expert partners are available to hire on a one-time basis or as an ongoing subscription/retainer engagement. There is no cost for Flippa users to hire contractors via the Flippa Partner Market, other than the fees for any package of services which are paid directly to the partner agency. Package prices range from $96 for simple ad copywriting to several thousand dollars per month for social media management and marketing consulting.

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