Fleet Up: New construction equipment software launches with guaranteed sale offer

Fleet Up
Fleet Up New construction equipment software launches with guaranteed sale offer

IronTek Solutions launched Fleet Up software to simplify buying, selling, and managing used construction equipment. For a limited time, new subscribers are guaranteed a sale within 90 days of signing up.

Do you need a Chief Customer Officer?

“Our platform allows construction equipment vendors to manage their inventory and find and discover any construction equipment they might want to buy, online,” says CEO Carly Cahlik. “Additionally, users get access to industry data that will help them sell their fleet fast and profitability.

Buyers like Fleet Up because the search results are relevant, the listings are verified, and the site is not cluttered with advertisements.”

Fleet Up helps your people work smarter

You’ll save time and money by streamlining communication among your team, and through Fleet Up’s at-a-glance machine data. Fleet Up lets you quickly see:

  • Which machines you should sell based on utilization
  • How to price machines based on real-time market data
  • Machine details that are important to your sales team as if a machine is on/off rent or in repair, bottom line, repair costs to date, private notes, photos and more. You can even customize what data you allow them to see.

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Fleet Up works with your current software
Plus, we’ll automatically bulk upload your inventory list and product photos daily from your current rental software or spreadsheet. Say goodbye to incorrect inventory data and unnecessary phone calls from your team.