Flashtalking, the independent ad server for sophisticated advertisers, announces major updates to its state of the art Flashtalking Decision Trees. The sweeping redesign, including streamlined workflows, a refreshed, highly intuitive user interface, advanced decisioning rules, and other new features, marks Flashtalking’s ongoing commitment to equipping and empowering advertiser and agency teams to deliver complex, rapid creative personalization at scale.

The company introduced the first iteration of the Decision Tree to the market over a decade ago, revolutionizing the setup and deployment of data-driven campaigns through a hierarchical methodology. Flashtalking originally designed the tool to solve the advertisers’ challenge of delivering personalized creative at scale and has continued to evolve the solution well beyond what the rest of the market has been able to deliver. In the following years, the product has persisted as the best-in-class creative decisioning interface and standard for competitors to match. The enhancements make the setup and deployment of large-scale campaigns with complex decisioning up to 10X faster.

“Mention Flashtalking to a hundred people in ad tech, and 97% will say: ‘decision trees!’ Our UI was the first to make complicated logic visual and easy to design. In many ways, our decisioning solution has become industry standard, iconic even,” said Flashtalking CEO John Nardone. “Over the years, others have followed our lead and mirrored our approach, but we are always innovating. We’re really excited about the latest updates to the UI and some of the more advanced mechanics that further improve workflow for operations teams, and provide better data to analytics teams. Importantly, the new platform is the foundation for even more new innovation planned for 2020.”