Merger Creates Massive Opportunity Integrating Codebase and Leveraging Efficiencies Merger Creates Massive Opportunity Integrating Codebase and Leveraging Efficiencies

The completed merger of FISION Corporation (OTC: FSSN), a provider of cloud-based digital asset management, sales enablement, and agile marketing technologies and, creator of ScoreCEO, a Credit Repair Business CRM software-as-a-service provider, creates new opportunities and efficiencies that will drive profitability in the immediate future.

“I’m excited about the acquisition and joining Fision’s board as its Chief Operating Officer. Working alongside our highly motivated, experienced Senior Management Team, and integrating two well engineered platforms, will help Fision achieve its objectives,” said Joshua Carmona.

Fisions’ primary objective is to help people win, by simplifying brand distribution with its Sales Enablement-Agile Marketing (SaaS), and’s objective to help businesses be compliant and successful with ScoreCEO, its Credit Repair Business CRM (SaaS). Both platforms are built on Microsoft’s .NET’s open-source developer platform with enterprise security, management, and compliance in mind. While Fision is great at distributing digital assets securely and empowering sales channels, it doesn’t have its own CRM capabilities. Inasmuch, ScoreCEO has great CRM functionality that help businesses manage customer relationships from lead-to-customer.

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The Fusion of the ScoreCEO and Fision platforms complement each other so well that the aggregate of the two platforms can easily stand out as a standalone SMB CRM Platform in both the Agile Marketing and Credit Repair Business markets, while potentially entering the Global Small Business CRM market, with a product that could compete with Zoho, Hubspot, InfusionSoft (now Keap), and Marketo, for a fraction of the cost, by leveraging our existing code.

Furthermore, we expect organic growth in the Credit Repair Business Space with over 30 million new potential consumers, with less than perfect credit, entering the credit repair space due to the pandemic and the protections afforded to them federally by the Cares Act. The deployment of our machine learning Dispute Processing AI, Zapier, and Fision integrations this year, along with Fision’s investment towards marketing should accelerate our growth and market share in the short-to-medium term.”

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