Fishbat Discusses Top 5 Considerations for Building Digital Ad Campaigns for Clinical Trial Advertising


From real estate agencies to public relations firms to clinical trial patient recruitment companies, ad campaigns lead to long-term awareness and revenue. There are many companies that haven’t considered digital media as a promotional tool. To this end, digital ads will be recommended. In their ongoing efforts to assist businesses with their marketing strategies, fishbat discusses the top 5 considerations for building digital ad campaigns for clinical trial advertising.

Goal-Setting – To build a digital ad campaign, goals must be set at the onset. For example, a CTM clinical trial recruitment agency may wish to achieve numerous endeavors through marketing. Perhaps they would like to increase awareness of their branding. Another potential goal is boosting enrollment rates, which help with future studies. These are just a few examples of goals that should be clearly outlined when building a campaign.

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Presentation – Once goals are clearly established, the design process will follow. To say that digital ads must be presented well would be an understatement, but there are a few rules to follow. First, they should be eye-catching without being too busy. Second, digital ads must clearly outline what’s being presented, whether it’s a product or service. The better an ad’s presentation is, the more engagement it will see, regardless of the platform it’s on.

Target Audience – It’s integral to know one’s target audience before digital ad campaigns are run. This consideration will help ads perform better, as they will reach the groups that they’re tailor-made for. When determining a target audience, there are numerous factors to note. Age, gender, location, and interests are just a few aspects that will make targeting an audience different for each situation.

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CTAs – Also known as calls to action, CTAs are designed to encourage user interaction. Even if a digital ad is cosmetically effective, this doesn’t mean that results are guaranteed. This is where a CTA proves useful, as it directs a user toward a specific action. For example, if a clinical trial company may be present at a future convention. Ads can be run encouraging users to click on the convention’s website, purchasing a ticket at a discounted price. CTAs will generate more clicks and overall results.

Research – An often-overlooked consideration when building digital ads is continuous research. Digital media evolves over time, which means that the advertising capabilities they offer will shift as well. For businesses that heavily invest in marketing, it’s advantageous to learn about everything from the latest platforms to best practices when developing ads. Not only will research help businesses anticipate changes but take the necessary steps before said changes take effect.

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