FiscalNote ESG Solutions Introduces in Australia & Singapore


FiscalNote, a leading AI-driven enterprise SaaS company that delivers legal and regulatory data and insights, today announced it is launching FiscalNote ESG Solutions in Singapore and Australia, two critical markets for ESG in the APAC region.

FiscalNote ESG Solutions is a multi-dimensional suite, which brings together critical ESG assets, tools, products, and services to super-serve every organization’s ESG needs at every stage of their ESG journey. Its broad and impactful combination of essential ESG tools and workflows includes: an AI-powered Platform to help organizations streamline and unify carbon, climate and ESG data management across their operations, supply chain, and portfolio; Global ESG Advisory Services, comprised of seasoned Climate and ESG strategists who are equipped to help improve ESG awareness for customers while providing mission-critical intelligence and advising on strategies, operations, policies, and investments; Essential ESG Intelligence encompassing news, research, and analysis, including the flagship monthly ESG Landscape Monitor report and tailored briefings; and, Community & Peer ESG Insights and Best Practices, providing unbiased peer insights through a confidential, vendor-free membership community.

“At FiscalNote, our mission is to empower people and organizations with the right insights and the tools to turn them into action, including by staying ahead of the changing ESG landscape,” said Gerald Yao, Co-founder, Global Head of ESG, and Chief Strategy Officer, FiscalNote. “With the launch of FiscalNote ESG Solutions in Singapore and Australia, we want to help companies orchestrate their ESG success by helping them accelerate their sustainability transformation through our ESG360 approach, expert advisory, and peer insights approach. We are excited not only about the business potential we see in this region, but in the opportunity to enable companies to drive real, measurable, and value-led ESG impact to their business and to the larger community.”

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FiscalNote ESG Solutions’ expansion in Australia comes as the push toward carbon neutrality and net-zero targets in the country intensifies under the newly elected government. Scrutiny from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) on the ESG claims of organizations is also intensifying. ASIC recently outlined its expectations to investment managers and funds offering sustainability-related products, following the rapid growth of the sector in sustainable funds topped AUD $33.4 billion in Australia and New Zealand last year. This move increases pressure on organisations to connect internal data, layer external data, and integrate policies with constant legislation and regulatory changes.

“Decarbonisation is a massive priority in the Australian private sector, especially with the progressive side of politics holding a majority in both houses and aggressively pushing the climate agenda towards net-zero. While local corporates have long championed the pathway to net-zero and decarbonisation, we know it can be expensive to achieve these goals,” said Frank Meehan, General Manager, FiscalNote ESG Solutions. “Over the last decade, companies have bought carbon credits at a rising cost to hit carbon neutral targets, but that kind of greenwashing approach isn’t going to fly in the next couple of years. To keep moving in the right direction as scrutiny on greenwashing claims amplifies, companies need the right tools on hand to manage an incredibly complicated process that moves beyond Scope 1 Carbon Emissions.”

Singapore & APAC

FiscalNote ESG Solutions is currently working with leading brands in Singapore and the APAC region to kick-start their ESG journey or to support them to evolve existing ESG strategies. The company is focused on enabling them to elevate the importance of ESG across the organization to efficiently manage sustainability data, cut through organizational silos, and drive a comprehensive approach to ESG in a single, central platform.

A recent report by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) highlights how the Asia Pacific region is at risk of falling behind to achieve the 2030 targets of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). One of the key challenges is the availability of data in the region to track accurate progress, led by factors such as delayed data collection as several economies in the region postponed censuses and surveys due to movement restrictions imposed as a result of the pandemic.

FiscalNote also announced the appointment of Quentin Fouesnant as Managing Director, Asia Pacific, overseeing the company’s expansion in Asia-Pacific, and managing customer relationships in Singapore, Korea, and Australia. Quentin brings over ten years of experience in the region’s energy, industrial, and technology ecosystem, thrives on hands-on sales, customer relationships, and project management, and has an enviable track record of building scale in both business and people growth.

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