First Tech Federal Credit Union Announces Partnerships with Specialized Agencies to Elevate Brand & Marketing Initiatives

First Tech Federal Credit Union Announces Partnerships with Specialized Agencies to Elevate Brand _ Marketing Initiatives

Following its expansion of in-house talent, First Tech Federal Credit Union, the nation’s seventh largest credit union serving technology companies, today announced strategic partnerships with Anvil Media, Inc., Pollinate and The Hoffman Agency to take a fresh look at and rejuvenate its brand to reach new members.

“As we plan for 2021 and beyond, we wanted agency partners that matched our member focus and dedication to people-before-profits,” said Chylon Pappas, VP marketing at First Tech. “We know that all three of our agencies are leaders in their respective fields and offer First Tech the capabilities to help us better serve and grow our members.”

Anvil Media, Inc., a marketing agency specializing in search engine optimization (SEO) and paid media, which previously supported First Tech, is now expanding its services to oversee paid social strategy and digital process reviews.

First Tech is an ideal client for Anvil, in terms of shared values and a laser focus on its customers,” said Kent Lewis, president at Anvil Media, Inc. “While our digital marketing engagement has been extremely successful the past few years, we look forward to partnering with Hoffman and Pollinate to further enhance the relationship and improve results across a broader set of marketing channels.”

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Stepping into a new role, First Tech welcomed Pollinate, a full-service agency of brand fanatics, to up-level its in-house creative and brand team through data-driven campaigns and social media support. Pollinate will support and guide the creative initiatives to increase the company’s brand awareness with key sectors.

“Throughout the pitch process, our team was continuously impressed with the First Tech group, their passion and dedication toward evolving the brand experience,” said Levi Patterson, partner at Pollinate. “From our initial call to being integrated into their environment, it has been inspiring, highly collaborative and clear we share a common vision to create customer fanaticism. We’re thrilled to start building a solid future with First Tech.”

First Tech also onboarded The Hoffman Agency, a global communications consultancy, to drive earned media placements and thought leadership campaigns through proactive storytelling; they’ll also contribute to the broader marketing efforts with a PR strategy focused on driving broad awareness.

“At The Hoffman Agency, we embrace true partnerships and thrive when there’s a great story to tell,” said Lou Hoffman, CEO at The Hoffman Agency. “First Tech’s thoughtful approach to the RFP and their differentiation in serving tech-oriented companies told us there’s an opportunity to make a difference in expanding the organization’s public profile.”