Firms Capable of Diagnosing Salesperson Skills Gaps Outperform Other Firms by Eleven Percent in Meeting Sales Objectives

Sales Objectives, Skills Gaps

Qstream, makers of enterprise-grade mobile microlearning software that reinforces training content and drives behavior change, announced results of a new research report from the Sales Management Association (SMA) on emerging practices in sales training and development.

Six in 10 organizations surveyed report plans to significantly increase L&D spending over the course of the next three years, with the main focus being a broader expansion of L&D modalities that layer new approaches over traditional formats. Yet, only 23% of firms consider their current sales training programs to be effective.

“It seems like a paradox that the majority of organizations surveyed are increasing their investment in L&D, yet are largely disappointed by the effectiveness of their sales training programs,” says Qstream Vice President of Global Sales, Gary Greenberger. “This research highlights that sales management, training, and enablement leaders need to adapt sales L&D initiatives and technology quickly so that it is collaborative, continuous and customized. This is a critical business imperative since the SMA’s data showed organizations with effective sales training initiatives reap a 32% sales performance advantage vs. organizations with less effective programs.”

“Our research shows that sales organizations are remaking themselves – in the next three years, 92% expect changes in strategy, structure and, more fundamentally, the ways their salespeople create value,” says Bob Kelly, Chairman of the Sales Management Association. “This is an existential crisis for many sales forces, and it helps explain why so many are ramping up L&D investments. At the same time, new technology is reimagining learning content delivery, and offering significant value in training costs, speed, and quality as a result. In fact, these shifts in sales L&D are arriving at the sales organization’s greatest hour of need to learn and develop.”