Brex, the financial technology company that helps ambitious companies scale, today launched its marketing agency partner program, including a portal to help its customers find outsourced marketing services that best fit their needs.

This is a major investment in Brex’s e-commerce business, which has been highly successful since launching in February 2019 and has added marquis customers including The Black Tux, Perfect Keto, Outdoor Voices, and UNTUCKit. The portal enhances Brex’s robust financial and service offering for online brands, including interest-free financing with 60-day payment terms, and rewards in the form of discounts on valuable services for e-commerce businesses such as Amazon Web Services, Google and Snapchat ads and digital marketing software Klaviyo.

“E-commerce has fundamentally changed retail, and as a result, financial providers must evolve and help their customers navigate both the financial and operational challenges of the new landscape,” said Henrique Dubugras, co-founder and co-CEO of Brex. “In particular, Brex’s new marketing agency directory is another example – along with interest-free float and premium rewards – of Brex’s commitment to helping its e-commerce clients flourish in the dynamic world of online retail.”

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With the new agency portal, Brex e-commerce customers can benefit from connections to trusted partners across a wide range of services, including paid advertising, social media, branding, search engine optimization, and marketing, media strategy, content creation, systems integration, and e-commerce development. Launch partners include top firms such as Agency Within, Absolute Web Services, Ikonifi, MuteSix, Hawke Media and Metacake.

“We’re excited to partner with Brex on their new marketing agency portal. As our clients continue to invest in tools required to run a successful e-commerce business, they’re forced to make tough choices on what matters most. Brex has made that challenge irrelevant with zero interest, flexible terms, and meaningful rewards” said Sergio Tarbaran, COO at Absolute Web.

This announcement builds off the success of Brex’s accounting portal, launched in June 2019, to connect businesses using Brex with third-party accountants. That portal has attracted over 75 partners and helped Brex customers with their financial needs ranging from basic bookkeeping and payroll to fundraising and R&D tax credit compliance. Brex expects similar success with its marketing agency directory and is committed to continuing to add value to its e-commerce clients through both additional financial services and operational resources that help address their most pressing challenges.

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