Fenergo Spearheads KYC Utilities Efficiency Drive and Reduces Cost of Compliance

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Fenergo Spearheads KYC Utilities Efficiency Drive and Reduces Cost of Compliance

Fenergo, the leading provider of digital Client Lifecycle Management solutions (CLM) for financial institutions, announces the launch of Fenergo e-KYC Connect, a solution that allows financial institutions to maximize the efficiency and economic benefits of knowing your customer (KYC) utility services. A component of Fenergo’s Digital Client Orchestration solution, e-KYC Connect enables financial institutions that subscribe to a KYC utility to instantly share, access and verify customer KYC data.

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Financial institutions were fined $26 billion for KYC and anti-money laundering (AML) compliance breaches in the past decade and prevailing inefficiencies are responsible. Utilities underpinned by a repository of standardized data can address this efficiency challenge by streamlining and expediting the entire KYC compliance process.

With this consistency of data standards, financial institutions and other utility members including Government agencies can quickly and easily access, share and re-use verified KYC data from the utility to accelerate client onboarding, reduce costs, ensure regulatory certainty while enhancing the customer experience. e-KYC Connect provides a self-service portal for the end customer to upload KYC documents and consent for their data to be shared within a KYC utility network of financial institutions. This single client view allows the customer to quickly and seamlessly purchase a financial product or open an account with other financial institution utility subscribers.

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Niall Twomey, Chief Technology Officer, Fenergo: “KYC utilities in principle should provide huge efficiency gains for consortiums of financial institutions and other organizations but success relies on consistent data standards across all participants. Without standards and best practice, data quality is impaired making verification onerous and costly. All of this has dire consequences for the end customer experience. With Fenergo’s e-KYC Connect, financial institutions that are part of a utility network can lay a solid foundation with high quality, standardized data that can be easily shared by all members of a KYC utility for rapid, frictionless onboarding and regulatory surety.”

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