Factor4 Announces Integration with Android Terminals via Dejavoo

Factor4 Announces Integration with Android Terminals via Dejavoo

Factor4, LLC, the leading provider of gift card and loyalty solutions, today announce their gift card and loyalty integration with the new Android Terminals offered by Dejavoo  Payment Software Solutions. The terminals include QD1, QD2, QD3, QD4 and QD5. The integration will enable Dejavoo’s clients to seamlessly process gift card and loyalty transactions via these cutting-edge devices.

Dan Battista, Factor4 CEO, said: “We are pleased to expand our partnership with Dejavoo by integrating our gift card and loyalty solutions with the QD line of Android Terminals. Our partnership with Dejavoo enables their merchants to provide contactless gift card and loyalty transactions in-store and utilize all of our program functionality. It also enables them to have an omnichannel solution that includes Factor4’s online and mobile capabilities that run on one integrated platform.”

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“We are happy to complete our Android terminals interface with Factor4”, said Mony Zenou, Dejavoo CEO. “With full compatibility to our popular Vega Z terminal application, our new Android terminals including desktop, handheld and wireless devices. Aggressively priced with improved performance and identical support systems (Application UI, Download system, RKL, DeNovo back office), they are the ultimate upgrade/migration platform. The seamless compatibility between our applications makes the popular and widely accepted Factor4 program an even more viable application with our new product line with minimum to no learning curve.”

To learn more about Factor4’s over 100 integrations, contact 484-471-3963 or sales@factor4gift.com.

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