Facebook Introduces New Reporting Tools To Measure Holiday Campaigns


Facebook has recently launched several updates to its reporting tools that are designed to make it easier for marketers to measure ad performance across accounts, channels, and different publishers. Using these updates, marketers can get a better holistic picture of how marketers’ ads are performing, what channels are driving conversions and what audiences marketers are actually reaching during the holiday season.

Analyze performance across multiple accounts and formulate marketer’s own metrics

Cross-account reporting and custom metrics can help marketers better understand the performance of marketer’s campaigns, improve marketer’s advertising strategy and understand who marketers are reaching during the holidays and beyond.

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With cross-account reporting, marketers will be able to see metrics – such as reach, impressions, and conversions – across multiple ad accounts. This reporting surface serves as a one-stop-shop for a clear, concise report on the marketer’s business’ performance and will allow marketers to save time that was previously spent manually building reports.

This surface also shows de-duplicated reach (or unique people reached across accounts and campaigns), so marketers can better understand who marketers are reaching and the accuracy of the marketer’s ad targeting.

With Facebook’s new custom metric building feature, marketers can formulate and save metrics. This tool will unlock a more seamless process for assessing and optimizing campaigns by allowing marketers to build better reports that are more tailored to the marketer’s business goals.

Better understand the conversion path across channels and publishers

Earlier this year, Facebook had also launched Conversion Paths, a publisher-level conversion path report in Facebook Attribution. Customers often have multiple interactions across channels and devices before visiting a website and ultimately converting, but these interactions are not necessarily reflected by simple revenue or conversion reporting.

According to a Facebook-commissioned Ipsos study, in 2018, shoppers used a variety of channels – from online to print to television – to shop and get inspiration for holidays gifts. To better understand if marketers are reaching these shoppers, marketers will need insight into the conversion paths across these channels and publishers.

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Facebook’s new feature allows marketers to better understand these conversion paths to better act on true business value in Facebook tools.

Conversion Path reporting will make it easier to view the publishers in the most frequent conversion paths across channels and devices, allowing advertisers to identify the most impactful paths and credit them properly.